Inspiring organizations to achieve gender balance with top-level coaching and mentoring programs

3Plus is a dynamic, global company that strengthens the female talent pipeline to promote gender balanced workplaces to make your business successful. We provide executive search services to identify and attract top female talent. Our  coaching and mentoring programs help retain your top female talent and develop  them for  career  success.


Corporate services

Corporate services

The evidence is in. More women in your company can deliver 35% greater financial returns. (Catalyst)

Corporate services – Towards Gender Balance

Identifying, hiring, retaining and advancing the right women can be challenging. Many organizations, even those with good intentions, fail to make the targeted level of progress, at the pace that meets their business goals. Women become frustrated and leave, or they stay but aren’t engaged or as productive and impactful as they could be. A company’s credibility, employer brand and business reputation can suffers while it fails to achieve the desired results.

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3Plus offers a portfolio of solutions for corporate clients who seek to strengthen their female talent pipeline in these main areas:

1. Career and Leadership Coaching

2. Mentoring Programs

3. Executive Search and Recruitment

4. Managing Unconscious Bias for Gender Balance

5. Lunch and learn Program!

Partner with us for coaching, workshops, mentoring, sponsorships, and stretch assignments to ensure women in your company perform at their best and are well-prepared for future roles.

We involve the right men and senior women as advocates and sponsors. Let our experience and, combined with your inside knowledge and wisdom, deliver on the promise of more women, the right women, at all levels of your company.


Services for individuals


Make your dreams a reality with a professional evaluation of your career to date.

Services for individuals

Whether you are sublimely happy in your career, feeling stuck, have an eye on the C-Suite or actively want change, taking control of your career to make your dreams a reality is vital. Don’t wait for someone to look after you -it may not happen. Invest in yourself now!

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A career review is an assessment of your career to date, with an in depth audit of all your achievements and successes. It identifies your key strengths as well as your career development needs and opportunities for growth.

You will receive expert feedback from an experienced career coach to help you set goals for both the upcoming year and the medium term.


Career Coaching

Find out how to develop and manage your career in a way that will maximize your talents. Overcome any obstacles and seize the opportunities for growth you deserve.


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Leadership Coaching

Your 3Plus executive coach, is a leadership expert, known for her track record helping leaders rise to the top of their game, get recognized, and get promoted.


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Mentor Gallery

3Plus has created a register of top international women professionals, with experience in all functions and disciplines offering corporate mentoring services in 10 languages.

Working with

Join a 3Plus International Coaching and Mentoring Programs today!

As a 3Plus member you have access to our international network of endorsed coaches and certified mentors who guide you to success at each stage of your career and onto the next. Whether you’re aiming for the top or somewhere else, we have solutions to build your self-confidence, hone your negotiation skills, polish your presentation skills, develop your strategic networks and much more.

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Upcoming Mini-Coaching events

mini-coaching-homepageMini-Coaching allows you to gain immediate benefits from the wisdom of expert coaches who understand the challenges you, and other professional women, face.Mini-Coaching sessions, live and online, offer a brief presentation by the coach in an area of expertise known to be critical for women’s careers.You also get to ask questions and receive personal advice from the coach.Featured coaches often include complimentary offers as an added benefit for you.Why wait another minute, when you can get the help you need to advance your career now, with the click of a button?

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