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3Plus provides Career and Leadership coaching for Women At All Levels!

3Plus is a dynamic, global company that promotes gender balance, providing career coaching and leadership coaching services.

Our aim is to increase the number of women at all levels to create gender balanced workplaces.

Our career and leadership coaching programs help women advance their careers and reach their potential to create genuine gender balance in the workplace. We specialize in working with progressive organizations to achieve all the business benefits of both gender balance and diversity. Find out how our custom designed solutions enhance the contributions, professional stature, and leadership of women in your company. 3Plus helps clients, both professional women and companies, achieve success.


3Plus Networking

The ability to network successfully has been identified as one of the key skills required for career success.

We give practical tips to help you to articulate your success stories and navigate the room with ease or speak up in meetings. You will be able to deliver your elevator pitch like a pro, to build lasting professional relationships and connections to support your career goals.

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Mentoring by high profile women

You have dreams and aspirations. You’ve hit a few bumps along the way to reaching them. Everyone does.

3Plus certified mentors had their own mentors along the way. They know first-hand the difference mentoring for women makes as you discover and achieve your goals. They’ve walked in your shoes, or ones just like them. They’ve overcome challenges similar to those you and many women encounter along the way.

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Join a 3Plus International career development program today!

As a 3Plus member you have access to our international network of endorsed coaches and certified mentors who guide you to success at each stage of your career and onto the next. Whether you’re aiming for the top or somewhere else, we have solutions to build your self-confidence, hone your negotiation skills, polish your presentation skills, develop your strategic networks and much more.


Career and Leadership Coaching program benefits

  • Create a powerful online presence
  • Leverage social media for career advancement
  • CV creation and perfection
  • Learn effective networking
  • Coaching by a senior woman hand-picked to match your needs
  • Access monthly 3Plus Mini-Coaching sessions
  • Door-openings to leading companies looking for talented women
  • 20% discount on coaching and all other programs with the highly respected team of 3Plus International coaches

Our Mission


3Plus aims to increase the number of women at all levels and in all business sectors. To reach this goal we provide critical hard-to-find resources and ingredients for companies aiming to maximize the talents and skills of their female employees, as well as aspiring women who want to achieve their greatest potential.