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2 Girls, 2 Dads, 2 Tons Self-Confidence

Anne shares memories of her father to highlight the critical role fathers play in building their daughters' self-confidence. You will also meet another family that includes The Girl, Father of the Girl, and Mother of the Father. You may even know one of them.

Are Expats More Resilient?

Anne Egros has experienced multiple international moves and asks if expats are more resilient.

Stereotyping: 4 women, 4 continents, 1 man, 1 tweet

Grant Mason re-thinks his position on the future roles of professional women, after 4 women on 4 continents come together to challenge his 1 stereotypical thought that MBA's are for blokes in their 30s and 40's and women do career and mothering.

Turn your Scary Things into Growth Opportunities!

Gwyn Teatro talks about the different ways we can all take risks that make our hearts beat faster and catapult us outside our comfort zones.

Tapping into Women’s Brainpower New Innovative Jobs

Want more ground-breaking brainpower that top woman leaders add? Can you envision new job and leadership opportunities opening as a result of innovation facilitated from more and finer diversity pools? Dr. Ellen Weber examines how both genders will benefit from brain powered tools within mind-bending women’s proclivities.

Transferable skills don’t always come from paid work

Vicki Van Alstine tells her story about leadership skills in a volunteer role. "I have worked all my life. For free. All my jobs required leadership, organizational skills, the ability to meet deadlines, and most of all, people skills. I’m glad I did. I need those skills and abilities more than ever."

Book Groups: A female preserve?

Since the mid 80s book groups have grown like mushrooms. Intriguingly such groups are considered to be mainly female preserves for those who read "chick lit" and Jane Austen. Dorothy wonders why that might be and shares her own experiences with book clubs, the people who join them and her son, who didn't have a clue what she was talking about.

What Change Will You Be?

Annabel Kaye - Being female is no guarantee of any particular set of beliefs or morality, but as we are newly arriving in our power we have a unique opportunity to look at the world and take some decisions that just might make things better for our children, our grandchildren and others.
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WORTH KNOWING: Workplace Affairs

They wreak havoc. Workplace romances involving parties in the same chain of command who are married or publicly committed to someone else, act like that one drop of food coloring in a glass of water. Everything becomes tainted.
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