Tapping into Women’s Brainpower New Innovative Jobs

by | Jun 16, 2011

Brain Power

Women's Brain Power

Where does women's brainpower add value?

Want more ground-breaking brainpower that top woman leaders add? Wish to expand formerly all male oriented US Coast Guards? Can you envision new job and leadership opportunities opening as a result of innovation facilitated from more and finer diversity pools?

If you answer yes to any of the above, you’ll be delighted that Rear Admiral Sandra Stosz,- first female to land a top leadership post in the US Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut - adds fresh and unique female brainpower at the helm.  If Stosz taps into her innovative uniqueness, both genders will benefit from brain powered tools within mind-bending women’s proclivities.

Top Female Brainpower Offers Benefits for All

While the jury is still out on some finer physiological gender differences, most experts now agree on the female brain’s strength for:

  • Integrated sentiment and reason. Successful women use both emotion and logic – but research shows how they tend to use these mental tools differently both to solve problems and cope with stressors. Top women leaders tend to craft insights with their emotional intelligence, and then add logical action plans for mind-bending results. Everybody wins.
  • Networks and collaboration. Women’s brainpower tends to trump language and communication skills, which double as negotiating tools to facilitate and articulate new and diverse talent opportunities.
  • High performance minds for innovation. Research shows that women hold the lion’s share of higher education degrees since 1982. Female brains draw on more symmetric activation across brain hemispheres to embrace development from varied offerings.
  • Diverse talents unleashed. Women often excel in tasks that use language processing, and tend to value diversity. How so?  Watch women leaders integrate  hard and soft skills  across both hemispheres of the brain and you’ll see a workforce solve problems from wider innovative capabilities.
  • Right-brained intelligences. Women’s brainpower tends to include intelligences normally operated from the brain’s right hemisphere. They solve more problems than left-brain-workers by combining facts, images, and creative insights from insights others offer.

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Shore up Women Leaders and Equity will Follow

Support women leaders like Stosz, and together we’ll enjoy added distinctives from mental treasure chests that cultivate novelty and offer innovation opportunities.

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New that high-tech scientific study shows clearly marked differences between male and female’s brains, let’s draw more from women’s leadership talents to ensure multiple perspectives that equip a wider workforce for the new innovation era.

Based on research and experience, it only makes sense to capitalize more on gender differences.  Even at rest, neuro scientists Larry Cahill and Lisa Kilpatrick show how female brains differ both biologically and cognitively. Female brains at rest - communicate deeply with the amygdala  which processes emotionally influenced memories differently.

Have you seen winning visions generated and executed by women lately?

Dr. Ellen Weber directs the Mita International Brain Center, and certifies leaders across many cultures to facilitate both genders with the brain more in mind. New book, Lead Innovation with the Brain in Mind, with co-author Dr. Robyn McMaster (senior VP at Mita) is coming soon. See Brain Leaders and Learners and  Mita Brain Center

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