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Failure: The other “F” word

Gwyn Teatro says "Failure happens. It’s what we do with it that makes the difference between growth and stagnation; happiness and despair. As a human being, I’m not always going to handle failure well, but I like the idea of going for the glory."

Gen Y: The Volunteer Workforce?

Imogen Woodward graduated from university last month and is thinking about the exploitive cycle of unpaid internships many of her friends are competing for. Read more about what Gen Yers face as they enter the workforce, or try to.

Breaking Gender Barriers in the Automotive Industry

Maria Raquel Di Ciero Fernandes shares her experiences as the first female engineering intern, breaking down barriers in Brazil's male dominated automotive industry. A few years later 40% of the department were women - including the manager!

Encouraging Women MBAs – 3 stories

Jacqueline Brassey talks to us about the role business schools can play as models for change for women and follows the stories of 3 of her students.

Women in Academia: How 3+ women make a difference!

Lauren G. McLanahan tells us about the challenges she faced in academia and how 3+ women actually made a difference.

Women and Bad Language

Jane C. Woods looks at new research from the UK, which shows that men on boards see women as weak and reveals why lone women adopt male behaviors.

EDITORIAL: The Future of Gender Equity: Will men be under-represented?

Anne Perschel takes a closer look at a new approach or at least a change in language regarding gender equity. The right people, using the right language makes all the difference. She also wonders whether one influential leader hints that men may soon be under-represented in the halls of power.

Speaking Up about Speaking Up

Cherry Woodburn ponders the dilemma of sharing her passion AND being heard. Can she change the way she delivers her message without changing the message itself? Practice and success in dong so means she and other women will be better able to negotiate salaries and promotions.
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Relationships are Worth More than Money: Why Networking Matters

Roberta Budvietas, established author and presenter in the South Pacific, tell us why creating quality relationships are vital and that by acknowledging, accepting and appreciating others we all achieve more. An intelligent and heart warming post.

Why MBAs Are Not Just For Men

Lynn Barbour tells us her own story, why she broke the curve and despite having family responsibilities, decided to take an M.B.A.
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