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Put Up or Shut Up for Diversity – What Would A Woman Do?

Is it safer and easier for women than it is for men to stand against injustice and for diversity?
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Do Women Give Up Too Easily? Windshield Wiper Wisdom

Research indicates that women give up too easily as compared to men when attempting to solve a challenging problem. I learned a lesson or two about that from a set of windshield wiper blade and along the way discovered that knowledge is not the same as knowing.

3Plus Supports Women Entrepreneurs in Africa

In the run up to the holiday season what are your concerns? How to fit in the school play, the office party and the client meeting? Perhaps you are worried about the Euro tanking or the economic uncertainty forecast by many experts. 3Plus is partnering with the Woman2Woman initiative set up by Kriss Akabusi and 3Plus member Susan Popoola. Their goal is to enable professional women in developed countries, at this time of giving, to empower women entrepreneurs in Nigeria, with needs infinitely more fundamental than our own, one woman at a time...

Woman2Woman Partners with 3Plus

Kriss Akabusi, motivational speaker, ex-international athlete and businessman, shares how his own life experiences have been formative in setting up his charitable initiative Woman2Woman in Nigeria. He calls upon professional women in affluent economies during this season of goodwill, to support 100 Nigerian women to become self sufficient as entrepreneurs.

7 Steps to Unleash the Power of a Family Vision

Jesse Lyn Stoner shares how the power of vision helps many families transform from being oriented around problems to being focused on their vision for who they want to be as a family—all kinds of families, as families come in all shapes and sizes.

How many LinkedIn connections do I need?

Dorothy Dalton explains why networking shouldn't just be about numbers on LinkedIn, but how they can, and do, make a difference. She encourages women to be more open and strategic in their networking style. So does mine have to be bigger than yours....?
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