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Designer jeans and interviews

Why did Armani jeans result in an interview rejection? Probably because in most places they are not considered formal attire...except perhaps at Twitter..

Learn to Be a Woman Who Toots Her Own Horn

Women don't talk about their achievements? Meet Vicki aka @BubbleOffCentre, a woman who toots her own horn and can help you do the same.

Taking a Look at the Comfort Zone

Do you feel comfortable? Regular contributor Gwyn Teatro suggests that the danger does not lie in being in the comfort zone. It lies in staying there too long. The question is, how long is too long?

Mademoiselle, Non. Ms, Yes

At the beginning of January the French town Cesson-Sévigné banned the use of ‘Mademoiselle’ in official documents. Do you care if you are indentified by your marital status in officialdom? Anna Foden tells us why she does...

Do you REALLY think that women aren’t competitive?

So if blood could be drawn for a cut price hand bag or pair of shoes in the January sales, why are we women so much less competitive in the workplace?

Goals: Make this the year of less is more

To ring in the New Year, Gilly Weinstein throws out some common-sensical tips on paring down. She tell us that to do more ...we might actually have to do less! Find out how...

Laughing with Brand Liza

Liza Donnelly is a regular contributor to 3Plus who makes us smile while learning a thing or 3 about ourselves.
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Overcoming double under dog status requires the right mindset

Vesselina Petrova grew up in Bulgaria, peeping out from behind the iron curtain. When she moved to breathe the " free" air of the West as a student, she tells us how she developed her career in her new home country as the double underdog, an immigrant and a woman. She maintains it's all about mindset...

Taking a career break. A Gen Y view on the traditional career ladder

With the prospect of having to work until 70 or longer, a high-powered Gen Y corporate lawyer, shares why she has decided to take a career break prior to relocating...

Taking a Pass on the Passion Juice

Sandy loves her job, but she wants to save her passion for things outside her work. She reminds me that not everyone is drinking the work place passion juice, and it's important to keep that in mind.
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