Monthly Archives: February 2012

Celebrate International Women’s Day with SYS

You can pay virtual honors to your "sisters" with 3Plus International beginning March 8 International Women's Day. What will it take? A few minutes of your time. What will it give? Priceless.

(3 + 2) Sweet Secrets of Women at the C-Suite

For the past year, we've been interviewing women at the C-suite. Now 3Plus International readers can learn what these executive women told us about power - how they understand it, how they earn it, and how they use it to for the betterment of the business, the community and the stakeholders.

INTELLECTUAL Men of Google+ and the VAPID Women of Pinterest

Vicky Daily writes about gender stereotyping in the social media wars between Google+, Pinterest, facebook etc. "The jist of the arguments seem to be Pinterest is full of superficial and rather pointless activities enjoyed by vapid women with time to waste. Google+ on the other hand, is a site dedicated to more intellectual pursuits and “conversation hubs”

The complexity of corporate cultural fit

Dorothy looks at the complex issues of cultural fit in organisations. She hears from a senior woman who believes that she was cut from a hiring process because she was a mother who was prepared to relocate to a different country to her children..

Rethinking Youth

Gwyn Teatro tells us how her recently improved vision compelled her to rethink her perspective of herself as a “person of youth”

Check out our Events Page!

Don't miss the first European Mini-Mentoring Event in Brussels....

Recovered from a breakdown: Declare or not in job search?

How do you handle a nervous breakdown or mental health problem in job search when transitioning back into the workplace. Do you openly declare it or re-position?

Shannon’s Personal Branding Diary

Shannon Lewis was the winner of the Personal Branding prize at our mini-mentoring event in New York last October. She won a biz pic photo shoot and 3 personal career coaching sessions with Dorothy Dalton. Here is the first instalment of their diary. But find out what happens because Shannon wasn't really looking for career coaching or personal branding ...

Women matter: Why gender balance is smart

Curt Rice shares the highlights of his research regarding the advancement of women in the workplace, which pushes the discussion on gender balance forward. This research suggests that is not just right to strive for gender balance, it's also smart....

A 3Plus Mentor Pays It Forward

Read what Gabriella Sanino, a mentor with 3Plus International, is doing to pay it forward in 2012.
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