Cars Designed for Women P.S. Pink is Not a Color

by | Jan 9, 2014

The announcement of Mary Barra, CEO General Motors, saw it's rightful place in the news media. In a related and somewhat tangential post, Yahoo's Justin Hyde, wrote about GM's first woman engineer. Thus began my trip through the history of cars designed for women, by men, who obviously didn't seek counsel of the fairer sex.

Cars Designed for Women
Cars Designed for Women

Cars Designed for Women - Dodge La Femme

La Femme was created in 1955 when Dodge's marketing department (pun unintended and enjoyed), noted women were influencing the color aspect of auto purchases. La Femme, a hardtop two door coupe, featured:

  • Sapphire White and Heather Rose exterior
  • Front fender with gold font "La Femme" insignia
  • Interior upholstery, pink rosebuds on pale silver-pink background with pale pink vinyl trim
  • Keystone-shaped, pink calfskin purse goes well with vehicle's interior
  • Coordinated purse accessories - face-powder compact, lipstick case, cigarette case, comb, cigarette lighter and change purse of  faux-tortoise shell and gold-tone metal
  • Compartment on back of driver's seat with raincoat, rain bonnet and umbrella, patterned to match rosebud upholstery
  • La Femme was advertised as made "By Special Appointment to Her Majesty... the American Woman." (Hands down, but not off the wheel, my favorite feature)

Question: Why no sexy guy advertising cars designed for women? #Rhetorical

Volvo - Your Concept Car

In 2004 Volvo introduced the YCC, a car designed by women engineers who attended a workshop about women consumers, because “If you meet the expectations of women, you exceed the expectations of men”. So true. A self-organized team of women decided to go for it and came up this.

Volvo YCC

My favorite features are the handbag spaces and the Run-flat tires, exactly like those used on armored vehicles. Run-flats enable driving on a flat tire... all the way to the garage for repairs. My father insisted that I learn to change a flat before getting my driver's license. Thank you Dad.

YCC features:

  • Redecorate-able - All textile panels and parts, such as seat pads, easily removed so you can change color schemes and textures
  • Pony tail friendly - Head rest indentations accommodate your ponies
  • Handbag within reach - In center console, where the shift control and hand brake used to be

We have no problem with the shift column and hand brake being moved to the back seat, do we ladies?

All snarky humor aside, I love all the features designed into the YCC, but can't find any information on whether it ever made it to production. iSigh, but really auto-makers should Sigh. You've missed the boat, so to speak.

Honda's She Fit

In a pathetic throwback to the 1950's Honda qualified for it's place on the list in 2012, with this beauty.

Cars designed for men

Cars designed for men

If you don't like pink, you'll find comfort in the words of a Honda exec. who assures women the car is also available in black, brown or white to match a woman's eye shadow. Finally, Dear women in the rest of the world - Honda's She-Car is available only in Japan. Suffer in silence, please.

BIC Will Not Be Outdone on Products For Women

While not a car, this one needs no further explanation, but a few words of advice to BIC. Dell tried the Pink Lap Top for women. You could have save yourselves a lot of time, money and bad PR by learning from their #failure.

P.S. The Color Pink Does Not Exist, Scientifically Speaking

"It should probably be called ‘minus-green, because..."


If someone asked me, and no one is, about features for a woman-sensitive car, I might include:

Storage compartments for these items within reach of driver's seat:

  • Large handbag, not the floor
  • Apron for eating on the run,  not required to match car's upholstery
  • Tissues

iRobot made for cars

Floor mats that don't scuff shoes

Seat belts that don't wrinkle clothes

Magnified make-up mirror

Soundproof automatic up-down window between front seat and noisy bickering little people in back seat


Got a she-car design request? Add it her <-That was a typo, but then I realized it's exactly as it should be!




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