Skills for high potential women MBAs

by | Jan 30, 2014

High potential women MBAs - which skills do we need to develop?

Graduating with an MBA should  put high potential women at the top of the academic pyramid. Yet further down the career path there is still a gap between their male colleagues. Why is that?

I thought that the letters MBA at the end of my name would make me feel like a master. My studies taught me how to value a company using discounted cash flow, some nifty tricks for Excel and Powerpoint, and an alphabet soup of strategic analysis tools. The real takeaways were meeting with professionals, a consulting practical that taught me how to interact with clients, and most of all,the certain knowledge that I had much more to learn about being a professional.

Yet for MBAs, there’s always room for improvement and looking for a job after  graduation  really drove that point home.

Interviewing was a science, negotiating my contract was as scary as learning to ride a motorcycle, and navigating the real duties beyond my job description has been like learning another language.

Like many MBAs, I went to school in order to make a career transition. I needed to change my image in the eyes of my network and potential employers. Personal branding, using LinkedIn, and creating a marketing strategy for my career were challenges that my MBA alone couldn’t prepare me for.

Ongoing professional development

What’s more, the professional development provided by business school was just an introduction to knowledge vital for my continued success.  I realised how important it is to commit to on going career development.

In today’s tough job market, hard work and persistence are only the beginning. Identifying my transferable skills and personal value proposition was much harder than I anticipated. Learning how to tap into my networks to find a company which wanted what I had to offer felt like trial by fire.

The support of my mentors and insight of my career coach enabled me to rise to the challenge. Continuing my professional development paid off when I was HIRED!

I’m interested in hearing from you about what you believe  high potential women MBAs need to learn in their post MBA professional lives. I promise to pay your wisdom forward.

Megan Jones Contributor
Megan is a graduate of the Fox School's one-year Tri-Continent International MBA candidate (IMBA) progam. Currently living the American in Paris dream.
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