5 must have beauty items for your desk drawer

by | Oct 20, 2014

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5 must have beauty items for your desk drawer

What beauty items should we keep in our desk drawers?

Busy professional women more than any these days have less time to spend on beauty routines, as much of their long working day is spent in a high-powered environment at work. This however does not stop them from ensuring that their appearance is always impeccable; indeed for any successful woman first impressions are important, helped by having the right beauty items to hand

Although we probably don’t like to think so,

[Tweet "our physical appearance is a significant factor in our interactions and success with others"].


Over the years I have developed a beauty régime that doesn't take too long out of my working day. I can complete the whole routine in 30 minutes to include washing my hair; a manageable style is a must so make sure the cut is professional and easy to maintain, applying my makeup and dressing for the day ahead! It has seemed like a marathon on occasion, but being well organised and knowing where everything is, provides the key to finishing on time.

My schedule can sometimes entail meetings that may include; an early breakfast, a business lunch or afternoon boardroom meeting,  and then maybe having to go on to an evening reception. The demands of the working day mean there is little time to for the professional woman to spend on her appearance.

[Tweet "To help, there are some essential beauty items that should be kept close at hand."]

These will enable the busy professional woman to maintain a perfectly groomed look at any time of the day or evening.


The five essentials should include:

  1. A nail file - Essential to repair a broken nail as there is nothing worse than a torn or sharp nail to wreak havoc on a new pair of stockings or spoil the look of a perfectly groomed hand.
  2. A signature perfume - This provides an instant pick me up, it refreshes you, makes you feel good and it also makes a personal statement, reflecting your mood and personality. Aroma is a powerful thing that has an instant effect both on emotion and mood. Obviously in today's sensitive environments care has to be taken not to make it overpowering
  3. A lipstick - Even when there is no time to re-apply makeup, a coat or two of lipstick applied well, refreshes and brightens the appearance and provides a polished look. Depending on the colour it can also be applied to the cheeks for an instant blush.
  4. Pencil eyeliner – This can enliven and enlarge the eyes creating a just made up look and double as an eyebrow definer.
  5. Dry shampoo –  This helps to reduce shine and adds body to limp hair, it is a quick and easy way to improve the appearance with little effort particularly when going out for the evening straight from the office or boardroom!

So what beauty items do you keep in your desk drawers?

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Susan Cressy is an established author of beauty therapy text books written for the international market including: Beauty Therapy Fact File (5 editions) and Business Management for Hairdressers and Therapists. She has extensive experience in the beauty sector and has been teaching for almost thirty years.
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