5 body language signals that win trust

by | Jun 24, 2015

How you hold yourself and your overall body language signals, impacts how you connect with others and the impression you give of yourself. Not only does it help you present the best version of yourself, it also helps you read and react to what your partner might be thinking and feeling in any interaction.

So, in a meeting or conversation which is especially important or sensitive, body language signals that win trust are super important.

body lanaguage

Body language signals that win trust

Use these 5 body language signals to win trust.

[Tweet " #Tip 1 Direct and focused eye contact"]

If you are looking over your shoulder at the door, or for other possibly more interesting people, or sneaking peeks at your mobile phone,  you will be perceived to have wandering attention. Your partner might think you are totally disinterested. For maximum impact, look your partner straight in the eye, nod in agreement and perhaps raise your eyebrows while you listen.  This will make you seem alert and interested.

[Tweet "#Tip 2 Watch your arms"]

Arms placed behind you can seem regal and distant, while arms crossed over your chest can appear threatening. To look like a leader, keep your arms relaxed and open, even lacing your fingers together in front of you to appear centered, comfortable and interested.

[Tweet "#Tip 3 Authoritative posture"]

To convey confidence, hold your shoulders over your hips. Point your toes toward the person with whom you’re speaking.  Don't lean on anything, or flex one knee. Practice your  power poses, the superhero stances with your arms and your legs in an ‘A’ shape. This will boost your serotonin levels which impacts confidence.

[Tweet " #Tip 4 Mirror and reflect"]

Observe your contact and note their movements. Mirror their actions to increase engagement and consolidate rapport. If they are leaning towards you - do the same. Sit at the same level to maintain equal power positions.

[Tweet "#Tip 5 Smile"]

Anthropologically, a smile sends the people you are with an instant message that are friend not foe.  A smile is intended to put those around you immediately at ease. Observe their response and get a sense of how they might be feeling and thinking even before they have said a word.  But above all, everyone appreciates a smile.

Do you find that your message doesn't always come across as you intend it?

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