How to Improve Your Financial Success in a Difficult Economy

by | Aug 25, 2015

Financial Success in a downturn

How often have you heard stories about individuals who have risen to great wealth during a difficult financial period? [Tweet "What have these financially successful people done that sets them apart from the majority?"] What is it about a challenging economy that truly keeps us from having the financial success we want so badly?


Less about the economy and more about you?

Have you ever considered that perhaps the true reason why your income isn’t what you want it to be, might be less about the economy…and more about you? Ouch!  That may be difficult to accept, or may even deeply hurt your pride.  After all, you’ve worked so hard and dedicated so much of your own blood, sweat, and tears to your occupation. Yet, it may still seem that, no matter what you do to dig your way out, you continue to come up short of your financial desires.

If so, the first thing you need to do is stop and consider what specifically you are thinking and speaking around the topic of finances.  What are the discussions that you are having with yourself and others about the state of the economy, your business, money, and your own financial situation?

Rethink your thinking

If you feel frustration, stress, anxiety, or fear about these topics, it’s time for you to “rethink your thinking”. Recognize that your negative thoughts and conversations are keeping you from having the abundance you want. Why?   They dramatically limit your creativity, ability to effectively engage with others and focus on your priorities.  In other words, these thoughts prevent you from being in a place of “happiness and calm”…the two most critical elements to achieving success in every area of life.

[Tweet "Even if you are a “positive thinker,” you may still be unconsciously resigned to accepting less"].  This may be due to the underlying beliefs you have formed in recent years about what is reasonable or realistic for you to earn, given the current state of affairs.

 How to Prosper in a Difficult Economy

[Tweet "The next step to financial abundance is determining what you truly want."] The more specific your goal is, the better. Write it down and focus on it with unwavering faith.  Writing down your goals and desires helps you articulate, define, and clarify your intention. This is empowering, as it puts the control back in your hands. Feeling empowered will make you feel happier.  Plus, research has proven that the simple act of putting your goals and plans in writing increases how much you will make over those who don’t write them down by 1,000%!

As you connect with joyful feeling to your goals, you tune into a subconscious part of your mind that puts the emotion into action.[Tweet " Your “happiness” factor is what ultimately creates what you want."]  So, it’s critical to feel joyful emotion as you read and write your daily intentions.

Would you like to feel the joy of your work and your life at a more meaningful level? Introduction to Joy with Mary Lynn Ziemer will be a good place start! 

Importance of gratitude!

Now, understand the importance of gratitude! When you are truly grateful for something, you evoke deep and positive feelings. Robert Emmons of the University of California at Davis, a leading authority on gratitude, states that gratitude can actually change the outcome of a situation.   [Tweet "You actually create more of what you want by being grateful for what you already have."]  Focus everyday on being thankful for what you have now, and visualize what you want as if you already have it. Remember, focusing on what you don’t want will simply give you more of the same.

Last, list the actions you can take right now, with the information you have at hand.

Even if you are confused about how to approach the project or you fear whether you’ll be able to accomplish your goal, do it anyway. Then devote time to your highest priorities, even if it means getting to bed earlier or later. You’ll feel elated by the time and energy you invest in your true priorities as you take care of yourself.  As you invest in your priorities you are investing in you!

Now, you have a simple and powerful plan. This three-lane highway to success (positive thoughts, happy feelings, and inspired and focused action) will always get you the results you want.

Enjoy implementing these actions, make it fun, and don’t call it work!  Smile and laugh frequently along the way.  Then, be amazed as you watch yourself prosper and thrive in a way you never imagined.


Mary Lynn Ziemer Contributor
Mary Lynn is a Certified Master Life Coach, and will help you develop into the person you want to be and have the life you want to live. Success doesn’t just happen to us…but you can be, do, and have everything you want in life!
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