Role Models to our Children

by | Aug 17, 2015

Have you ever overheard your children playing, heard something that you didn’t like the sound of and then realised why.  They were just mimicking you!!

“Really, I sound that bad / negative / aggressive / inflexible / grumpy / rude etc?!”



[Tweet "They learn so much more from what we do, than from what we say."]

Constant Frustrations

A constant frustration (among others) for Kate and I last year was the mess the kids were making around the house. Until that is, that we realised that we were leaving our paperwork, opened mail, half finished jobs and junk on the dining table, leaving shoes all around the house and clothes hanging on the exercise bike, to name a few.

Our New Focus

I’m happy to report that a new year has brought a new focus and a significantly more tidy house as we have been setting an example by putting things away and keeping the house (mostly) tidy. [Tweet "And over a 4-5 week period, the kids have followed suit."] AND sometimes that is all it takes, change your own behaviour first.

Practise What We Preach

Another classic at our place was yelling across the house. “Stop yelling, please come and talk to me!” – I said that over and over again until I realised I was regularly doing the same thing. How can we expect our children to behave in a certain way if we can’t be depended upon to practise what we preach?!

So have a think about the frustrations you have with your children – [Tweet "are they merely copying what they see from you? "]Are they raising their voice, sounding frustrated, being messy, impatient, too competitive, etc?

Things WILL get better when YOU get better.

Start with one thing. What are you going to commit to change about yourself today to be the amazing role models to your children that you know you can be?

Original post from Inspired Dads 8th March 2015

Ian Hawkins Contributor
I have a passion for personal growth and inspiring others to reach their full potential. With a background as a trained teacher, years of leadership as a sportsperson and coach and over 10 years as a manager at Fox Sports Australia, I have a unique ability to bring out the best in others. After my own growth through the last 5 years of personal development, I decided I wanted to help other Dad’s to rediscover their passion and to inspire their own children to be their best. I pride myself in helping Dads through their transformation into high energy, calm, patient, loving and very happy individuals.
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