OPINION – Does Singleism exist?

by | Jan 22, 2016

Singleism - discrimination against the single person

Over the past month there has been noise relating to "isms" across my Facebook feed. It got to me to thinking about another "ism" - [Tweet "Singleism - which I sometimes experience"], and wander if it's real or imagined and does Singleism or Singlism exist?

Here is a story to illustrate!

I get to the airport way early. As a foreigner I can't check-in online with this airline


Singleism - does this exist?

and I WANT a seat in the front of the plane. Having flown a lot in the past month, getting on and off the plane first is now my priority. I get a seat in row 6 - cool! I'm waiting at the gates when the ground crew calls me; 'Passenger Clarke to the front desk please'.


They say 'Ms Clarke, there are families flying that need to sit together so here's your new seat allocation - row 26'. It seems I surprise them by not cooperating. 'No, that doesn't work for me';. 'But families!', they say, as if this should hush me up. 'I pay as much as any member of any family', say I (I don't know if this is true - who knows how ticket pricing actually works - perhaps I even pay more?).

So they fiddle on the computer and wouldn't you know it, a single seat materialises in row 3.  Read Why Millennial women are staying single.

Do they have to suffer singleism?

Apart from being tossed around like a miss-matched marble, here are other ways Singleism shows up:

1. [Tweet "Paying an additional 'Single Supplement' when booking hotel rooms"] (or worse, being forced to book a room with a single bed and revert to sleeping like a teenager again)
2. Paying more for smaller portions of food and not enjoying the family-pack discounts
3. Getting no breaks on health insurance (married people can add additional members to their policies at discounted rates - [Tweet "singles are not awarded the same benefit"]) or vehicle insurance or tax breaks
4.  Being placed at the smallest table outside the toilets in the restaurant because the best positioned tables are for families.
[Tweet "So I get that society would prefer singles to find a mate and breed a clan."] This way our consumerism habits change and we're easier to sell to. [Tweet "But I balk at societies unspoken manipulation over our lifestyle choices."]

Like any 'ism', singelism is simply prejudice. Am I the only one? (Pun intended!)

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