When your confidence ebbs, reach out for your “big girl” pants

Does confidence come and go? Do we switch it on and off? Is it triggered so decisively as to buoy everything we do when the going is good, or drop us into a downward spiral when nothing goes right? Are there times when we just have to step up and put on our “big girl” pants?

D A Wolf

About D A Wolf

D A Wolf is a writer, editor, copywriter, marketer, trainer, polyglot, art collector, traveler, and devotee of exquisite footwear & French lingerie. She believes we are all brimming with glorious contradictions, and capable of living fully with whatever life dishes out. D. A. holds degrees from Wellesley College and the University of Pennsylvania. She has lived up and down the East Coast and in Paris, traveled back and forth between the U.S. and Europe for more decades than she cares to mention, and has spent the past 10+ years as an independent marketing consultant and freelance writer working on a variety of projects for business and the arts. Learn more about her professional services at http://d-a-wolf.com/ D. A.’s print publication credits include ARTnews, Raw Vision, France Magazine and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, with online contributions at Forbes.com, The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, Purple Clover, Divorced Moms, Divorce Whirlwind, and elsewhere. She has appeared on Huff Post Live (2013) addressing women’s issues and on Fox News New York (2015) commenting on gray divorce. Also known as “Big Little Wolf,” you may follow her on Twitter @BigLittleWolf, on Instagram @dailyplateofcrazy and “like” Daily Plate of Crazy on Facebook, where your comments and conversation are always welcome.