How to get motivated for a morning work out

If you are anything like me, you are full of good intentions to work out after work. But then something comes up. A meeting runs late, or gets added to the calendar, you have after work drinks, you have a deadline to meet and if you’re lucky even a date. And there it goes, your exercise regime, to hell in an hand cart. So why not re-arrange your calendar and your mind set and shoot for a morning work out?

Morning Work Out

I hear your groans! It can be a challenge. 10 minutes extra snooze time in bed is wonderful at that hour, so it’s all easier said then done. But there are people who manage to get up at the crack of dawn and haul their backsides to their classes or the gym for their morning work out.  How do they do that? And why can’t you?  We decided to ask some personal trainers, exercise specialists and people who do this themselves, for their top tips, to how they actually make it work.

#1 Get organised the night before

Just like when you were in school and your Mom packed the lunches the night before, you do the same. Anything you have to think about on top of getting out of bed will be a ditsraction. “I always lay out my work-out gear and pack my office clothes the night before. “says  Severine a Brussels based Fitness Trainer. “ I have my breakfast set out and ready. All I have to do is flick the switch on the coffee machine, pick up my bags and hop in the car.” Read: How to fit fitness to your schedule?

“Make your last thought before you go to sleep an affirmation of your commitment” adds Jenny, a doctor in London. “Really focus on that thought. You can do it.”

Josie in Spain says “If you need to get up at 05.30, set the alarm for 05.00 then you can convince  yourself you have a 30 minute bonus snooze.” Good trick!

#2 Eat healthily the night before

If you have eaten sensibly the night before you will not feel sluggish. Expert advice is to make sure your meal is light: lean protein, vegtables and healthy fats.  Eat about 2 hours before you go to sleep at the latest, so you have time to digest the food, rather than working through your digestive system when you are trying to sleep. Make sure the portion isn’t large, avoid carbs and of course alcohol and caffeine. Read: Why gut health is central to well being. You and your gut

#3 Get an early night

Make sure you get enough hours sleep. A good number of hours is  7-8. Most of us don’t get enough time stacking thoses zzzzs. Cut out cell phone, computer, and even TV before you go to bed and especially in bed! Read: My smart phone is damaging my relationship 

#4 Positive thinking

Vision yourself meeting your goals whatever they are. Whether it’s meeting your 10000 Fitbit steps,  a weight loss or fitness goal. What do you look like and how do you feel? Read: Fire your head of woe to beat negative thinking  

#5 Buddy up

Find someone to be your buddy. Dubai based lawyer Lowri reguarly meets friends for an early morning power walk along Jumeirah Beach before the heat of the day kicks in in the U.A.E. This gives her a chance to catch up with her friends and get great exercise at the same time. Lucky her!

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