6 reasons you don’t get calls from recruiters

by | Sep 23, 2016

How you could be stopping yourself getting calls from recruiters

You might be desperate to leave your current job or even active on the job market.  But still you are not getting calls from recruiters.  Does this sound familiar?

• You spend all day busy on your computer or at least a good chunk of your precious spare time. Getting a job is now your job or a top priority.
• You are sending your resume to everyone you know and people who have never heard of you.
• You never hear anything at all from anyone. Nothing.
• Occasionally when you call them you are told the post was filled months ago.

Here are 6 reasons why you don't get calls from recruiters:

calls from recruiters

Follow the procedure

 #1 You didn’t follow the application instructions.

This is getting increasingly common. A complete failure to follow the most basic instructions connected to an application gets you an automatic rejection. This is made more difficult when even well-known career pundits encourage you to bypass the system. That is hard to do effectively and you usually need a strong network contact or sponsor. Recruiters can receive thousands of applications for one post.  It's also a good idea to send a CV in a plain Word format as fancy schmancy and complicated formats are cut by ATS (Applicant Tracking Software) and are never even seen by a human eye.

 #2 Your contact information isn’t clear, easily located or even incorrect

Make the important info on your CV easy to find

Make the important info on your CV easy to find

Many recruiters tell us they take 6 seconds to scan a resume. So your telephone number needs to be correct and easily visible. Make sure your CV is formatted to be suitable for mobile applications. It is also helpful to add it to your LinkedIn profile summary. There is a tendency for recruiters to pick up the phone less frequently today and you are more likely to receive an email or a  text message before a call. Recruiters say they receive resumes with no contact details at all. The devil is really in the detail.

#3 Your suitability is unclear

Don't leave them wondering if you're the right candidate

Don't leave them wondering if you're the right candidate

You have not addressed the pain points in the job advert which indicates what  skills are they looking for. Address three of their top pain points and orientate your CV accordingly, giving metrics. Use the CARS/STAR methodology to highlight your achievements. Avoid going into job description mode. Above all keep it brief. Some recruiters say that sometimes they get CVs and they have no idea what the candidate does.

 #4 No cover letter

cover letter 2

There is a huge debate around cover letters. Some say use them others say don’t. If an application calls for a cover letter – send one. In general cover letters do not do any harm – but they may not do any good either. Never put anything in a cover letter that isn’t in a CV as they frequently get separated.

 #5 Poor cyber footprint

Make yourself findable and make sure your profile is up to date

Make yourself findable and make sure your profile is up to date

Many recruiters say that they research a LinkedIn profile before they look at a CV. Make sure your online professional content is just that –professional and on message. Also check out your other platforms as many candidates get cut (47%) for inappropriate content. You can add your LinkedIn url to your email signature or business card as another way to give yourself greater reach. It's a good way to send out your CV discreetly. Today most people when they get a card at an event will connect with someone in a professional network immediately.

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 #6 Unrealistic expectations

It's easy to get impatient but don't become a nag

It's easy to get impatient but don't harrass

Recruitment processes take a long time. 6-9 months is not uncommon especially for senior jobs. Check in with a recruiter at the outset to get a realistic idea of the timeframe to manage your expectations. If you are involved in other processes let them know, as this gives them the opportunity to chase up their client. Be careful not to harass your contact. That could become extremely annoying!

If you don't hear anything for a long time, this can be what is called a "slow no."   but it is still worth following up without becoming  a stalker. The cyber black hole of no news is very difficult for most candidates and one they complain about most frequently.


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