How to use Facebook for job search

by | Sep 25, 2016

Don't under estimate Facebook for job search

Facebook is a massive social media platform. If it was a continent it has as many daily users as the populations of South America and Europe combined. It is has more people than China using it every month. Yet women refuse to believe that they could use Facebook for job search. The most common response is that “facebook is for friends and family.”  The thought that Facebook could be used in a professional sense makes them literally recoil in total horror.

Facebook for job search

Recruiters do look for candidates on Facebook

Yet it is the leading global social platform, and the most important asset for social marketers. It also provides a great data base for head hunters and recruiters. So what makes you think they don’t use it?

 The power of Facebook for job search

• 1.65 billion monthly active users
 1.09 billion daily active users on
• 90% of users connect via mobile devices
• 84% are outside the US so no it’s not just an American fad.
• 40 minutes per day is the average time spend by a Facebook user says Mark Zuckerberg
• 50% Facebook users have more than 200 friends
• 58% say they are “friends” with colleagues

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Facebook use is changing


In research carried out by Pew Research in 2013, job search was not even offered as a reason for having a Facebook page. But three years down the line, that is changing.

Massive Global Data Base

Recruiters now search much further than LinkedIn

Recruiters now search much further than LinkedIn

Key to this is understanding and then accepting, that recruiters and head hunters now use social media to search for candidates. Extensively. We call this candidate sourcing.
Many women underestimate the reach of social media and the tactics that head hunters and recruiters use to find candidates on all platforms. An increasing number of companies now have a recruitment strategy specifically for social media with corporate Facebook pages  and want people to engage with thel. They also look into Facebook groups for potential candidates.
Women are very active on Facebook mainly for sharing and keeping in touch. But with companies
trying to increase the number of female hires, they are starting to "fish where there are fish." That is go to the places where women are found, to identify talent. Facebook is dominated by women. So it makes sense that hiring managers and recruiters will go there.
Most candidates have interacted with their target organisation on 40 touch points, many of them being online. Katrina Collier, Chief Searchologist offers training services to hiring managers to search for candidates on all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.
So this could be a great way to add to your overall professional visibility – you never know what opportunities are out there!

Leverage the opportunity

Whether you are an active jobs seeker or not, maximising the opportunity to present yourself in the best possible light is something that would be limiting to miss. Use the space (100 characters) to include a few professional key words and to highlight your professional, as well as your personal self.


Facebook have recently made changes to the old about section which is now called an “intro.”  This field is the first thing anyone sees when they click on your profile and  has been extended. Your work history is now more visible.  If you would like to check what others see when they view your profile, click on the icon (three vertical dots ) just below your cover image and select “View As…”.
You can now edit your intro as you would like. But think carefully before you create that message or adjust your settings. You can use this platform for more than just staying in touch.
What are you waiting for! Start using Facebook for job search and open yourself to new opportunities!

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