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by | Nov 24, 2016


Are you looking for life-long health rather than a quick short-term fix?

For several years, I had very challenging health issues and eventually, I got fed up of being ill and feeling exhausted, I was tired of being tired and knew I wanted something different for my life, so I began to set myself up for Life-Long Health.

life-long health

Are you tired of being tired?

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Now I am not suggesting for a minute that you have any health issues, maybe you do and maybe you don’t, maybe you do and you don’t realise it – sometimes it takes 5 – 10 years for symptoms to show up, so the sooner you make the changes and set yourself up for life-long health the better in my opinion and there are some key areas you will need to look at in order to do that.  Always remember that health is not a "one and done" thing, I like to call it a journey.

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Along my journey I have made some very simple changes, I am not saying it was always easy but I started to feel better, I looked 100% better, and slowly I began to heal the damage my body had sustained by my resistance to change and my diet and lifestyle choices.

7 steps to  life-long health

You can achieve life-long health by following my simple 7 Step System. Here are 5 of the steps:

Diet: [Tweet "Eat REAL food - avoid processed junk and eat food that is the closest to its natural form"], for example, apples are REAL food, homemade apple sauce is real food but once you move on to apple pies and apple tarts the apples are becoming more and more processed and less and less recognizable as apples.

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Hydration: Drink clean and filtered water.  Increase your water intake, most people are not drinking enough clean water, ensure your body is kept hydrated, keep away from tap water and drink clean filtered water

Great supplements: due to our modern diets and lifestyles we are all deficient in essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are vital to keep our bodies and minds healthy for life-long health.  I work with my clients to design a bespoke supplement programme just for them - it is essential that you take great quality pharmaceutical grade, organic and natural supplements otherwise you could be adding to your ill health rather than adding to life-long health.

Exercise: Breathe, and do some form of exercise you enjoy.  If you start doing something that you don’t enjoy it will soon become a chore and cause you more stress so do something you enjoy, running, dancing, tennis, yoga, pilates, swimming, paddle-boarding there are so many different things to choose from.

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Lifestyle: Have fun, relax and enjoy your life!!  I also recommend eliminating toxins and managing stress, include daily meditation, affirmations.

Life Long Health


Allow health into your life - Set yourself up for success

[Tweet "To set yourself up for success, decide what changes you need to make."] What areas of your life do you need to work on, then set your goals and break these down into a number of small, manageable steps, this can be adding a salad to your diet once a day, increasing your water intake to an extra glass of water every day, if you make one change every month, after a year you will be well on the way to setting yourself up for life-long Health.  Small steps, add up to big achievements and life-long health.

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Kerry Madgwick Contributor
Kerry Madgwick is founder and creator of the Vitality+K Lifestyle Programmes: Making Health and Happiness Easy, helping you create daily rituals that nourish you and make sense. Kerry’s is author of the book “If you Believe you Can Heal Yourself You Can”. Kerry is passionate about helping clients increase their energy and feel fabulous. Learn how to ditch willpower and build successful daily rituals, detoxify, optimise, revitalise and energise naturally ~ Be Happy~Be Healed~Be Whole!
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