Why employers should hire working Mums

by | Nov 14, 2016

Why organisations should hire working Mums says one male Tech executive


 A female friend, and an ex-colleague, Olivia Orpin, Office Manager at Unitrends, posted on Facebook that she had overheard two 40-something female entrepreneurs discussing hiring plans whilst in a coffee shop.  They were adamant that they would not hire working Mums as women with small children "could not focus on work".  What she found particularly frustrating was they clearly had their own children, as they had previously been discussing their nannies. This was Highgate.
As someone who has been fortunate enough to work in senior executive positions in international IT companies, I have been responsible for directly, and indirectly, hiring an awful lot of people.  A significant number of these have been women and working mums.  So I was shocked to hear that two women could have such out dated attitudes and were not willing to hire women with children.

need working mums

Working mothers are efficient and organised

In general, my experience of women in the commercial world is that they are very hard working, conscientious and committed to being successful. As an employer and a boss this is great, as ultimately it makes you successful too.  I have also found that [Tweet "women tend to have excellent soft skills and are more empathetic towards employees;"] I would often seek the advice of female colleagues in relation to difficult personnel management situations.

[Tweet "None of this changes just because they have children!"] If anything mums who make the decision to return to work are more committed than ever before as they now have a child to support.  Sure they want to be there when their child is ill or needs collecting from playschool.  So what? Unless a job demands that an individual is at a specific place of work form 9 till 5, what does it matter?  If an employee successfully completes the task in hand within the required timescales, does it really matter that they chose to work late into the night to meet a deadline, in preference to coming into an office? [Tweet "By the way this applies to both sexes!"]

Untapped resourceolivia-orpin

 I simply don't understand why anyone would think about working mums in the way the women my friend overheard do. [Tweet "Mums looking to return to work are an untapped resource."] Typically, they are smart and have great organisational skills. They work hard and smart, often completing tasks more quickly than full time staff. As long as you are willing to be flexible as an employer, they are very loyal.Assuming you have looked after them as an employer, when you have a full time or senior role available (assuming they want to go back to full time work) they are the first to apply.
As a resource they already trained, familiar with your organisation and ready to hit the ground running.  This saves you a fortune in recruitment and training costs and keeps your talent pipeline at the right level.

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Mike Dalton Contributor
Mike Dalton is a Senior Executive in the technology sector. Mike is a dynamic, highly successful leader, with a proven commercial track record in an international business environment. A strategic thinker with over 15 years high level EMEA management experience and exposure, plus P & L responsibility. A seasoned, result orientated entrepreneur who has successfully created and developed large and diverse, multi - cultural teams within the IT security sector. Mike has strong analytical competencies, combined with excellent oral and written communication skills and has successfully developed and executed sales models and developed channel programs for all market segments, from consumer through to large enterprise.

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