When you’re going to pitch for a promotion you have to be prepared

pitch for a promotion
You have been in your company organisation for a while now and an internal ad has been posted. The hiring manager is considering both internal and external candidates. However an internal candidate is a safer and more financially beneficial option. They are already familiar with the company’s structure and culture. Internal candidates have also already proven their loyalty to the company. They are usually compared to outside candidate to benchmark their skill sets and to get a feel for the market. If a company wants to strengthen their female talent pipeline  you may be resuired to pictch for a promotion.
If you know are a good fit, and you want to be sure of nailing that opportunity, there are still some steps you can take to guarantee success when you make that pitch.

Here are 7 steps to pitch for a promotion 

1. Own and articulate your ambition

Many women get passed over because you haven’t communicated your ambition to your boss. Do that immediately. Let her know that you want to move ahead in the organisation. If you want to assess your Executive Presence take the 3Plus self assessment quiz.

2. Look for a mentor


If you don’t have one already, look for a mentor to support you during the process as soon as possible. If you can find someone with experience or insights into the target department, before you pitch for a promotion, that would be a bonus.  Otherwise any more experienced person can offer invaluable commentary on the process of advancing your career. If it’s a particularly challenging promotion consider investing in a coaching programme.

3. Know your success stories

Make sure you have a clear idea of your success stories together with metrics..  Note them in a “success book” if you have any doubts. Use the BeFABulous (Facts, Achievements, Benefits) formula to create a succinct message which conveys your message with a punch!

4. Make sure you are up to date

Make sure you're up to date so you stand out

Make sure you’re up to date so you stand out

This is the time to make sure you are up to date with all the current trends in your field of expertise. Companies’ greatest concerns about internal candidates are that external candidates bring fresh eyes and an outside approach. You have to be convincing that you are not complacent and are completely in- the-know with regard to all the current thinking for the function or sector.

5. Update your resume

Just because you are an internal candidate doesn’t mean you don’t need a strong resume to highlight your skills and achievements. While you are updating your CV, take the opportunity to update your LinkedIn profile while you are at it.

6.  Be interview ready


This is where being an internal candidate offers many advantages.  Research the role and the department involved. You may even know the previous incumbent or potential colleagues. Get some insights on what their pain points are, the departmental culture, the leadership and communication styles and how they measure success. You can then weave what you have learned into your interview dialogue.

7. Dress for success

Look at the dress code of the department you want to be promoted into. What is the norm? Very often people only dress for success on the day of the interview. Make sure your grooming is impeccable way before the big day arrives. 
There are many advantages to hiring an internal candidate. It’s faster and less expensive than an outside hire. It also carries a lower risk and greater chances of success. So make sure you can seize that opportunity and make it your own.
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About Dorothy Dalton

Dorothy is an International Talent Management Strategist, social entrepreneur and Co-Founder of 3Plus. She works on both sides of the executive search spectrum from” hire to retire”, specialising in sourcing hard to find candidates for executive search firms and international organisations, career transition coaching and training .