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by | Jan 5, 2017

Many women feel as if they have leaned in so far they are almost horizontal and things aren’t moving fast enough in the corporate workplace. So now is the time to take charge of your own career and gain new skills, learn new tricks and get out of your comfort zone to make a greater impact. [Tweet "The message for 2017 is "Lead don't lean!""]

struggle is an opportunity

In this series of live workshops to be initially launched in Brussels, Belgium,  three international coaches, Dorothy Dalton, Sofie-Ann Bracke and Gilly Weinstein tackle three important challenges for women that can eventually become sand traps:


Lead Don’t Lean – Boost your Impact in 2017

Workshop #1

Increase your impact with improved non-verbal communication

What your posture says about your mindset



[Tweet "Before you have opened your mouth you have conveyed dozens of different messages."] But are they the ones you want? In this workshop, we will explore how non-verbal communication is important and how it aids communication and relationships. Become aware of your own communication style and the cultural influences you bring with you. Reconnect with the potential of non-verbal communication to convey emotional states, provide feedback to others and express yourself.

Join  Sofie Ann Bracke and Dorothy Dalton who will deliver a programme covering:

  • How to  enhance your leadership skills via polished nonverbal communication to connect with empathy
  • How you can adjust your behavior to make other people feel safe and show you are trustworthy.
  • How to interpret the body language of others to respond appropriately and effectively
  • How to manage stress through improved posture to reduce the tension in your body and feel more relaxed and appear more confident.
  • How to use non- verbal communication to strengthen your message (interviews, annual assessments, negotiations, conflict situations)

 For full event details and booking  - Workshop #1 

Workshop #2

Stepping into your Leader shoes

Lead don't lean

Learn some simple yet powerful leadership behaviors and identify what holds you back from being the leader you want to be so that you can step intop your leader shoes:

Join Gilly Weinstein and Sofie Ann Bracke  for this impactful session where you will examine:

• Different types of successful leadership behaviors and how they impact the people we lead.
• The power of effective listening and the role good listening plays in strong leadership
• Understand your unintended impact and the importance of knowing what that is
• Appreciate the value of asking for help and what inhibits us from doing so.

 For full event details and booking  - Workshop #2

Workshop #3

  How to make your presence felt in meetings



[Tweet "75% of women own up to being reluctant to speak in meetings or conferences."] This session will incorporate learning from Workshops #1 and #2  on Non-Verbal Communication and Leadership Style. We will share tips and tricks on how to increase your impact in meetings to raise your visibility, hone your intra-preneurship skills to accelerate career success and make your presence felt.

Join Dorothy Dalton and Gilly Weinstein who will deliver a programme covering:

  • How to deliver your best message (creating a strategy, knowing your stuff, dealing with nerves)
  • Assertive  body language
  • Power position at the table  –  get the best seat! Yep some places are better than others
  • Staying focused and dealing with distractions (broppriation, manterruptions, and office housekeeping)
  • Supporting other women – letting others shine

 For full event details and booking  - Workshop #3


Who should attend these workshops?  Any professional woman wanting to hone her leadership skills and advance her career


These workshops can be attended as stand-alone events or as part of a series of 3 (best) one a month for 3 months to get 2017 off to a great start to make a more effective impact to boost your career.

Register HERE for Early Bird Savings on all three events

WHERE: The Board Room of up market co-working venue Chester & Fields to get an early feel of what it’s like to be in a Board Room

co-working entrepreneur


About Dorothy Dalton

DorothyDalton new photo

Dorothy is a global talent management strategist working on both sides of the executive search spectrum from “hire to retire. She has placed and coached thousands of men and women. A Brussels based career coach; she uses her active and deep knowledge of the job search market to support individuals in designing their career strategies, including the creation of a Personal Brand. As Co-Founder and CEO of 3Plus International she is pro-active in supporting, mentoring and sponsoring women to advance their careers, presence, and visibility in the workplace. She contributes regularly to various media both on and offline, as well speaking at conferences; running workshops and designing and delivering career coaching programs to top-tier Business Schools International and Executive M.B.A. programmes

About  Sofie Ann Brake

sofie-annSofie-Ann’s diverse training and work experience empowers her to coach her clients on several levels, including physical health, stress management, concentration, perception, communication, and effective self-presentation.  A law graduate, Sofie studied Chinese Medicine and Energy exercise, and clinical training at The Ho Chi Minh City Acupuncture College in Vietnam. She trained in Non-Violent Communication and completed the Meditation Training at the University of Antwerp and in the same year she also studied Body Language.  She has 3 teenage children within her family. When she’s not working she likes to spend time with them, at home or visiting the city, museum or going walking in nature.

About  Gilly Weinstein

Gilly Weinstein

Gilly is an executive coach supporting international executives and multicultural teams on both sides of the Atlantic. Known for her fierce yet heart-filled coaching style, Gilly helps individuals tap into their strengths, become more emotionally intelligent leaders, and make decisions that empower them—and ultimately their organisations. A recognised super-connector and entrepreneur, Gilly founded and ran a Brussels-based communications consultancy, before certifying as a coach. Today her international coaching practice caters to a range of clients in both private and public sectors Gilly facilitates board and leadership team meetings and retreats, designs and runs leadership development workshops in several countries and mentors less seasoned coaches in both French and English.


Nicola Jesse Administrator
Nicola Jesse is Administration Manager for 3Plus International. She also works Independently as a Virtual Assistant and Executive Administrator which includes managing Social Media Profiles, Event Management, Business Support and Company Administration.
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