The impact of  live streaming on your business

Hardly a day goes by without an alert or a message from an individual or organisation to say that they are on the air live streaming. By this they mean a person is delivering a monologue, usually to an online video camera. The quality of live streaming varies enormously. It might be staged by a big company or media platform, where the quality is of broadcast standard. It’s just like watching a TV segment. You could also be looking up the nose of some random person beaming their less interesting thoughts to the world, via a lap top from their kitchen. Here the quality is usually not so good. 
 YouTube kicked this trend off in 2005 with many people launching videos of different levels of professionalism. Now a well-made YouTube presentation can costs thousands for a high quality product. If you hit the right market then it can be a huge boost to your business. Even if it does not “go viral”  a good live streaming clip can serve as brand proofing on your web site or LinkedIn profile. At the wrong end of the spectrum it can be something you may want to forget about. With billions of YouTube videos posted it is also about the searchability of your brand and subject matter requiring complex tagging and meta descriptions to make it successful.
3Plus Coach Kimberli Allen, international virtual presentation skills trainer, coach and webinar strategist, sees good potential in top quality live streaming:
Whether you are using a product such as Citrix, WebEx, Adobe, etc. live streaming creates an environment which can mimic an in-person event.  Live streaming is a great way to reach a remote audience without having to travel, yet accomplishing goals historically achieved in a board room.  Live streaming is MUCH more interactive than a simple recording.  Although you can record a live stream and repurpose the content for later use.

Live streaming on social media

live streaming

Social media can be a great business tool

Now social media sites have launched their own amateur-turned-professional live streaming platforms. In 2015, Twitter kicked off Periscope, a live video streaming app where users can tweet out a link to their Live Stream to attain viewers.  The social network site, Instagram, also introduced the ability to upload video clips in 2013. These clips were originally 15 seconds long until early 2016 when the limit increased to 1 hour. Snapchat is also hugely popular with 100 million plus daily users. Similar to Instagram, you can post images and short videos.

Kimberli has some words of warning after testing Periscope though:

I downloaded the app and started clicking buttons and ended up on a Porn site.  Appalling.  There doesn’t seem to be a control measure to filter people to either business or personal. 

Furthermore, upon viewing just two videos I was completely bored.  Most people don’t understand what their audience will see through the eye of the camera.  I suggest folks test the service before broadcasting live to the world.  If you happen to take a very poor video it becomes a part of your personal brand.  If your personal brand is damaged you will have to start all over again.  This could potentially harm you in future relationships, career moves, etc.

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Live Streaming In Your Marketing


The question now is should small businesses and solo-preneurs be incorporating live streaming into their marketing? The answer seems to be “yes”, video is worth using, but only if it is good professional quality. Many people embark on live streaming without the necessary training and make basic rookie mistakes. They look profoundly ill at ease, the scene is not set correcrly, lighting and camera angles are wrong (nostril views are common place), even the selected wardrobe is not right. Performing to camera in any circumstances is not easy. It’s hard to look relaxed, spontaneous and professional. It is a skill that takes a lot of work and practise to perfect. There are no short cuts. Getting proper presentation to camera skills is really important and different to face to face presentations.  An amateurish and unprofessional clip can end up damaging your brand. Badly.

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