Our Top 10 Banners from the Women’s Marches

by | Jan 22, 2017

Our favourite signs from  the global Women's Marches

Yesterday millions of people across the world joined together to show solidarity with the Women's March on Washington in D.C. Womens' marches were staged on all contintents, in a total of 616 cities, supported a rallying call to protect women's rights and bodies, diversity, gender equality, the future of our planet and humanity. It was a respectful, but fierce, heart felt plea from all over the world for compassion, unity and tolerance.  The rallies were protests statements against the feared normalisation of the rampant misogyny and racism expressed in the presidential campaign, by the then candidate Mr. Trump, who was inaugaurated as POTUS only on Friday. As one of the top world leader's his power and influence is immense. Importantly, there was a pledge to resist.

Yet, despite the seriousness of the message there was goodwill and humour. We saw pink 'pussy' hats, plane cabins lit up in support and of course brilliant slogans and placards.

Here are our favourite banners and messages from the women's marches from all over the world:

Pulled from social media these are brilliant!

1. Looking to the future

womens march

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2. Some who are well versed in resistance by now

women's marches

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3. One way to make a point

march 3

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4. Some historical context

march 4

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5. Shaping young generations

march 5

Read: Millennial women send out a powerful message

6. Tolerance and diversity

march 6

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7. An ode to Carrie Fisher

march 7

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8. And Support from Men


real men are feminists


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9. Some addressed the gender pay gap

march 9

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10. And a reminder that we're all in this together

match 10

The 3Plus team sends their support to everyone around the globe standing together for equality!


Esther Myers Contributor
Esther Myers is a Drama graduate who teaches children with disabilities and is heavily involved in women’s rights movements. She lives in London but often travels back to Yorkshire to see family and friends. She enjoys going to the theatre, being involved in feminist forums and Motown music. She works in a pub part time and wants to write about work and online issues facing modern women, as well as about intersectional issues.

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