Struggling to influence meetings? Here’s how to change it

influence meetings

Stand out and start to influence meetings

Anastasia is frustrated in her job. Her role is to create business development strategy and be the new “to market“ ideas person.  She says:

”I have excellent ideas but because I have a measured approach, I am frequently shouted over by the alpha personalities in the group (both men and women) who frequently are just full of hot air with nothing tangible or practical to add.  I need to make sure I am heard! “
It’s quite common for people especially those with more introspective personalities to get shouted over or over looked in big meetings. It’s important to get the attention you need and deserve.  Anastasia said: “ I am frequently told “why didn’t you say that?” I’m afraid my inability to influence meetings is going to jeopardise my career.”

Here are 4 strategies to influence meetings

Increase the acceptance ratio of your ideas with your bosses and peers by implementing the following tips:

1. Establish a support network

Make sure you have some solid support


This involves some “intraprenuership.”  Strengthen your internal network by arranging a series of meetings with some key and trusted stakeholders. Do a soft pitch to ask for feedback and a critique of your idea, taking care to select your confidants carefully. They must be people who will not take credit for your brain power and will give you constructive advice.

2. Ask for agenda space

Get an allocated slot on the agenda to speak

Tell the person running the meeting that you would like to agenda time to present your ideas. If you need visual aids to support your ideas, create something effective and imaginative, to avoid death by power point.


3. Amplification and Support

Well-liked leaders

Supporting others will work in your favour

Increase your visibility in meetings by making a habit of supporting colleagues.  Women White House staffers in the Obama Administration made a point of supporting each other to get their ideas on the table. This strategy is called amplification where the women in meetings repeated each other’s ideas, crediting the woman who came up with it,  repeating her name so the rest of the meeting had to take notice.  You can also pay a compliment to a colleague and offer to help if required. Send a note or visit them after the meeting so they know who you are.


4. Increase your Executive Presence

blending in networking
Make sure you attend the meeting looking as though you mean business. Know your stuff. Dress to impress, sit up straight in your chair and own your space. If you need presentation skills coaching make sure you get it. Learn to communicate with power and conviction and use the 3P system – Prepare Practise and Perform. Breathe deeply to conquer your nerves.

Over time with practise implementing these ideas can help anyone influence meetings to get their ideas implemented. 

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