Is there value to not speaking up or can it be dangerous?

These uncertain times have polarised our business communities with many people stepping up and speaking up for things that they feel passionate about.  It has meant in most cases indicating, if not declaring, political views or a philosophical stand point. Yet there seem to be many in the automated world of social media for whom it is business as usual.  Their communication seems to operate in a societal vacuum. Many are simply not speaking at all.

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The danger of not speaking up


This can be attributed to a number of things:

  • World events are passing them by
  • They don’t want to get involved in heated public debate
  • They don’t wish to speak up for fear of damaging their brand or their business
  • They don’t care at all, or enough
  • They want to avoid conflict or disagreement
  • They are being strategic –  want to see the outcome
  • Silence is safer – they fear reprisals

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We see the same flow of publicity, blogs, promotions and tips and tricks, but no opinions. Others openly are opting out. The disagreeable nature of any discussion, the backlash and vulgar and unpleasant comments is for many simply too much and they are afraid of speaking up. Friends are disconnecting on Facebook and families are falling out.


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Many assume that because we are all female, we all believe in women’s rights. That is simply not the case. Many actually don’t and are still stuck in a time warp.

How long can that neutrality, remaining silent and not speaking up be realistically be sustained? Assumptions will be made that anyone not coming out against the changes we see rolling out in front of our eyes will, de facto be for them and contributing to Bystander Effect.   When the majority are silent the status quo will prevail.  

Speak up

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Do you fall into the “silence is golden” camp and believe there is no value to contributing to the debate seeing it as white noise? Or are you with Martin Luther King who said

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

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