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Mentoring advice is worth its weight in gold! 3Plus is honoured to work with some wonderful international mentors. Selected for their deep experience in their chosen fields and their willingness and generosity to share their experiences from careers spanning many years. They are all without exception in the best place to pass on their knowledge. Sometimes this is can be technical or sector knowledge, but usually is about navigating the unknowns and politics of male coded environments.

When women look for mentoring advice it can also be about handling relationships or resolving conflict. It can be a need for some basic tips to handle every day situations where women can be at a disadvantage especially in male dominated environments. They are also look for answers and support to questions which male mentors cannot give simply because the have never walked in a woman’s shoes.  All our mentors have had success, set-backs and total failures. They come from different backgrounds and have pursued different career paths. But there are many common elements that have contributed to their career success.

But more than that they understand the challenges and pressures that professional women face and can offer guidance on how to plan a career, deal with potential barriers and navigate work-life balance issues. This can be combining a family and a career, managing a two career relationship or balancing elder care or other domestic responsibilities and even emergencies.

They have really walked in your shoes!

Here are some of the  best pieces of  mentoring advice:

Mentor Advice

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Mentor Advice

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Mentoring Advice

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Mentor Advice

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Mentor Advice

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Mentor Advice

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