Refresh Your Job Search – Don’t give up!

by | Feb 24, 2017

Don't wait to refresh your job search

Have you been searching for a new job for a while now?  Hard isn’t it to keep up that energy?  But [Tweet "there are new and exciting opportunities out there, if you can re-energise your quest. "]Here are some tips to help you refresh your job search.

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Update your image and your attitude.

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Give your confidence a boost – revamp your image!  How about a new hairstyle? Consider a new style of dress.  What kind of change could you make as an outward sign that something has changed? [Tweet "Make a change to represent the new you and your new approach."]

Work hard on your commitment to positive thinking and your self-belief. If you catch yourself thinking negatively, stop in your tracks. Have a day when negative thinking and doubt is not allowed in your life. Give yourself a holiday from worry! Catch any negative thinking and flip it over in mind. Think of yourself not so much as looking for a job but, rather, looking for an opportunity to add value. You know that given the right opportunity, that is exactly what you will do. Think every day about the benefits that you will bring to your new employer.

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Revamp Your CV/Résumé

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An important step in every job search is to equip yourself with a CV that really demonstrates you, your skills and your abilities. How good is your CV?  Take time now to check it and remember this CV is just a baseline that you will tailor for each new role.  Show evidence of your ability to deliver. Get in touch with me if you would like some advice on re-vamping your CV.

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Consider new options

Time to think about radical new options. Changing careers isn’t easy. Nor is it as hard as you might imagine. I’ve done it successfully four times in my life. I enjoyed each career at the time. But there came a time to consider new options. Changing this way has helped me to come to terms with a changing economic environment. Each new direction built upon the experience and knowledge gained in the last one. Get in touch if you would like some advice on things to consider when considering a career change.

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Find New Ways to Network

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Find new people to network with using social media.  Are you making the most of sites like LinkedIn?  Are you approaching social networking seriously? It can provide lots of new opportunities. [Tweet "Brush up both general and social networking skills"]  – there is lots of advice around.

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Find yourself a coach

A Career Coach will work with you on all the practical aspects of applying for work.  The coach will help you to look at your achievements and results so far. You will learn how you can build on them to make your next career move work out well. A good coach will help you build your confidence and maximise your chances of landing the right job.

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Looking for a new job is a big challenge. But with a positive attitude and the right tools and support, you can be successful.

Need help with your job search? Contact 3Plus now!

Wendy Smith Contributor
Wendy Smith offers the full range of career coaching services focusing on career and personal development as well as work/life balance. This includes developing career strategies and your personal branding. Career coaching is designed to identify and magnify your talents and integrate those skills to achieve success with first rate career management.
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