Make the most of your commute

by | Jun 21, 2017

The commute can be the most dreaded part of our day. Cramped buses, hot tubes or a long drive, they can be dead time and motivation killers. The average UK commuter will spend around a year of their lives commuting, about 55 minutes a day. That’s a lot of time you could be putting to better use.


Make the most of your commute

4 easy ways to make the most of your commute

1. Catch up on your emails and to do lists

This one might seem obvious but many don’t use our time to get ourselves in order. Check your emails, has your morning meeting been moved? Is everyone ready for your presentation? Walking into the office knowing exactly what’s going on will not only give you more confidence to face the day, but will save you from any nasty surprises. Work through your to do list, put them in priority order. [Tweet "Walk in with a battle plan, rather then sleepy eyes."]

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2. See if there are apps you can utilise

You’d be amazed what you can do on the go now. With new work apps being developed all the time, make sure you’re not missing a trick. By finding out a scheduling website I use has a very easy app, I’ve saved myself hours in front of the computer by being able to top it up on the go. Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader and Gmail all have great apps, and there’s even apps to help you co-ordinate others parts of you work including finance, creative work and pretty much any digital part of your job. So have a look around and see what’s available.

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3. Write, create, build ideas

Can you actually work on the go? The morning is when our brains are the most open to ideas and we haven’t suffered from the post-lunch slump yet. If you freelance, write, or do anything that can be done on the go, then use that time to get ahead of yourself for the day. 55 minutes is a lot of time, you could plan a pitch, sort your invoices, or even write an article! The morning is yours!

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4. Plan your day and get in the zone

Particularly one for drivers who won’t be using their phone behind the wheel, then use this time to get yourself into the right frame of mind for the day. Have your mental to do list ready, put on some feel good music and tick off three positive things you want to get out of the day. It could be big, like smashing a proposal and clinching a big client, or it could be small like clearing your in tray or going for a nice lunch with your co-workers; whatever get’s you walking into the office with a spring in your step.

Although some of us like to surrender our commute to a cup of coffee and maybe a couple of extra minutes sleep, by getting to work mode before you even get there you’ll not only increase your productivity in the morning, you’ll be more prepared to take whatever the day throws at you.

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Esther Myers Contributor
Esther Myers is a Drama graduate who teaches children with disabilities and is heavily involved in women’s rights movements. She lives in London but often travels back to Yorkshire to see family and friends. She enjoys going to the theatre, being involved in feminist forums and Motown music. She works in a pub part time and wants to write about work and online issues facing modern women, as well as about intersectional issues.

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