How to be an ideal job candidate

by | Jul 22, 2017

5 ways to make yourself the ideal job candidate

Any job search is difficult and making a great impression can be tough. There are 5 simple things you can do to make yourself the ideal job candidate.

ideal job candidate

Tom Peters famously said you are the “CEO of a brand called you.” As we bandy about the term Personal Branding we forget that all it really is about is self-marketing. You are your own CMO and you are the product in your own sales drive. This is something many women struggle with. But if you put on your CMO hat, you can make your pitch as seamlessly as if you were selling any other product or brand to become an ideal job candidate in any recruitment process.

Becoming an ideal job candidate is actually easier than you think. It is all about commonsense, relationship building and every day courtesy, something women are generally good at. It really isn’t rocket science.

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5 tips to become an ideal job candidate.

1. Research, research and research

So that you can customize your application research the company thoroughly. Check out the mission statement, the financial reports, and the key players in the organization. You can also double-check if your values are aligned with the goals of the company and you can use any information to prepare questions. This will make you look prepared and knowledgeable. Prior to any interview check out the interviewers on LinkedIn so you have a good idea of their backgrounds and experience. Alison Doyle suggests:

Knowing specifics about the company’s products, policies, and culture will impress upon the hiring manager your keen interest in the position, and your ability to assimilate quickly into a productive role.

Research companies via Google, LinkedIn, Bloomberg,  other social media, Hoovers, Forbes.

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2. Customize all communication

Make your application stand out by weaving references to key words from the web site and other platforms into your document and address pain point in the adverts in your cover letter.  If you can address people by name  - do so. Remember formalities. They are not your BFF. Liz Ryan confirms:

You have to sound like yourself in your resume now, because if you don't sound like yourself, you sound like every battle drone. You sound like no one.

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3. Highlight where you add value

Create success stories in your resume which showcase your success stories and highlight where and how you add value. Use the Be FABulous formula to focus on Facts Achievements and Benefits, throwing in some metrics where appropriate. Be clear about how the experience gained in your other jobs which benefited other employers can  be easily transferable.

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4. ABC Always Be Courteous

Always send a thank you mail which gives you another chance to make a short repeat pitch.

Dear Ms Sxxx

Thank you for your time yesterday. It was a pleasure to meet you and  Mr. xxx at the interview  The opportunity of a Production Manager is exciting and after meeting you both I am more convinced than ever that with my BSc. Engineering , MBA and 12 years’ experience in lean manufacturing I could make a valuable contribution to BetterProducts Inc.

Today I don’t think it’s necessary to send a hand written card unless you feel that the interviewers are particularly old school. Dorothy Dalton says:

I’m not one of these people who would expect a hand written note. In fact personally I would prefer not.  But a thoughtful email goes down well and sets the scene for another opening. Thanks for that too and for not adding to my paper recycling pile!

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5. Handle rejection with a smile

It happens we all get turned down from jobs we really want, but handle the rejection with courtesy and resilience. Thank them again and ask for feedback on the reasons and your interview performance for future recruitment processes. Most people will take the time to be helpful.

Follow these 5 tips and you will be well on the path to becoming the ideal job candidate.

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