Actions Women Can Take To Support Men’s Engagement

by | Oct 25, 2017

10 Tips for Men's Engagement Backed by Catalyst Research

Men have a pivotal role to play in creating workplaces where both women and men can thrive. Men's engagement is critical to diversity and inclusion efforts.

What can women, specifically, do to encourage and cultivate men’s engagement to address gender inequality? Catalyst research indicates that there are many ways to support men’s engagement on these issues.

Men's engagement

10 tips to boost men's engagement

1. Be the change you want to see—make sure that you are role modeling the inclusive leadership you want to see from men. Don’t forget that working with men on these issues creates learning opportunities for you as well.

2. Challenge your assumptions about men’s intentions, ability, and willingness (or lack of) to take an active role in creating gender equity.

3. Recognize that men also experience bias and have aspects of their identity beyond ‘maleness.’ Just like women, men experience societal expectations around gender and what it means to be a man. This can be challenging for them too.

4. Intentionally invite men to join workplace initiatives focused on equity and inclusion.

5. Be prepared for men to make mistakes— it is part of the learning process.

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6. Develop partnerships with men on equity and inclusion efforts.

7. If you know men who value equity and inclusion, hold them accountable to living those values—challenge them to be more involved.

8. When you witness well-intentioned men reproducing inequalities or abusing male privilege, call them out in a non-accusatory manner.

9. Mentor male colleagues to develop their awareness of gender and racial dynamics. Bust stereotypes by providing them with examples of successful women and racially diverse role models.

10. Listen to men of color’s experiences—men of color can be strong allies in creating inclusion, which cannot exist without engaging people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds.

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This piece was originally published on Men Advocating Real Change (MARC), a community for men committed to achieving gender equality in the workplace.

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Men Advocating Real Change (MARC) is a community for men committed to achieving gender equality in the workplace.

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