Featured Post: Women need a stronger online professional presence

by | Feb 25, 2018

How to improve your online professional presence

It is a common mistake to overlook what your online professional presence says about you, but as the digital age continues, it is crucial that you keep it up to date. 

Many women have concerns about their online professional presence and posting their entire career histories onto LinkedIn and other professional networking sites. The recent trend of soft porn images being validated by their bosses, contacts or colleagues, has only fuelled their mistrust. The proliferation of fake profiles and inappropriate content also adds to this dilemma, as do stories about women being stalked. Many women don’t feel comfortable knowing that they are searchable via major search engines for basic personal safety reasons.

Furthermore, many struggle to accept that they are researched on-line before a face-to-face meeting, whether it’s as a candidate or even as a date. Research suggests that hiring managers and recruiters look at online professional profiles before a resume now. Research from Catalyst suggests that women tend to seek external opportunities less frequently than their male colleagues, very often their online professional presence is seriously neglected.

Online professional presence


The important factor is to take charge of what you can control. Whether you like it or not, you already have an online professional presence, which contributes to your personal brand. I have heard companies and business schools suggest that an online professional presence does not need to be part of personal branding coaching. This is a way of thinking that is at least 10 years out of date. You don’t need to be a job seeker to be concerned about how you present yourself in the public domain. This is just as much about online professional presence as about personal appearance. It is a key part to building up an impactful message, which is a key element of executive presence.

Research from LinkedIn in September 2017 also suggests that women use this powerful platform less effectively than their male colleagues in terms of skill description, profile completion and networking reach. This puts puts them at a disadvantge in terms of competitive edge. This is something that is easily correctable.

Even if you are taking a career gap for whatever reason it's still important to have a placeholder if you decide to re-enter the job market.

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5 ways to maintain a strong online professional presence

These are 5 minimum activities that a professional woman should carry out. Obviously any active job seeker needs to make a greater effort:


Hannah Morgan, Career Sherpa suggests that everyone should Google themselves to establish what is out there currently.

“Is the first page the best information about you? In other words, if someone was researching you professionally, is this what you would want them to find?”

I would add you should do this on a friend’s computer to get a more neutral view. Many people don’t bother to check what their name is associated with. An MBA student was horrified to find they had the same name as exotic dancer with a very strongly SEO’d profile and some very interesting boudoir images. She got around this by putting her credentials (LLM, MBA) in the name field of her LinkedIn profile to anchor her professional reputation.

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It’s important to establish your professional credentials with a complete LinkedIn profile and professional photo. The number of images of women not in professional attire seems to be on the increase. If you don’t want inappropriate interaction then it’s best not to post images in evening or night-out dresses. I have even seen wedding photos. Many women who struggle with the balance between compliance and authenticity should remember this basic rule. “Skin is not in.”

Claire Soper Image consultant says:

“If what you’re wearing would look cool in a nightclub then put it back in the wardrobe.”

Remember for any inappropriate contact (and it does happen) there are block and report options. Career Coach Dorothy Dalton says she uses them without hesitation.

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There is an increasing trend of parents buying their newborns domain names. This gives them the opportunity to protect themselves in the future from any reputation damage. You should also do this for yourself. This secures digital space to create positive content against any less desirable attention. You can also reserve other social media handles – even if you have no intention of using them. A relatively small investment, can secure your peace of mind.


Sending out good content via LinkedIn updates, posting via LinkedIn Pulse or sharing on Google + all contribute to establishing a strong reputation. These should be professional in content, although as LinkedIn morphs into Facebook, care should be paid to the exact nature of the updates. Ask what do you want to be known for? Remember to keep an eye on all photos, even those you are tagged in by friends. The current trend of posting selfies in different social situations can back fire.


It’s easy to set up alerts against your name on Google. Type your name inside quotes on google.com/alerts. You will receive an alert whenever your name is mentioned.

Although there are valid reasons to be cautious and prudent. Failing to engage in a professional way for fear of what could happen is putting women at a professional disadvantage.

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