Featured Post: Good employees – why do they leave?

by | Feb 3, 2018

4 Reasons your good employees leave

Don't watch your good employees walk away

People leave organisations all the time, every day in the case of some businesses. Good employees. I still find managers blaming everything possible on this high turnover, except looking at themselves or internally into the business.

People leave bosses, not companies

We hear this a lot, and there was even a study by Gallup that confirmed that 50% of leavers do so to get away from their boss. Which means for those of us out there who manage staff, it is highly likely that some of our employees will have left us at some point, in part due to us.

Add to that the fact that very rarely, does a leaver openly state that they are moving on because of their manager. In fact there are many occasions when exit interviews aren't even completed with staff on their way out of the business. If you do carry out exit interviews, do you use the data to create actions? So what do managers actually do that prompts good employees to leave? A lot of the time it's actually the things we don't do.


4 reasons why good employees leave

#1 Lack of recognition of effort.

What motivates employees varies dependant on their wants and needs. But one thing that is for sure is that recognition of their effort goes a long way to being seen as a good manager. How you recognise individuals depends on their motivation and that's all down to how well you know your teams. Introducing personal development exercises such as motivation questionnaires to performance and development reviews can give you this visibility.

#2 Lack of management of other employees' under performance/absence/misconduct.

By not dealing with another employees absence, lack of performance or misconduct, you are showing a lack of respect for those employees who do conform. It is extremely demotivating to watch others put in less effort and be rewarded in the same way. So it is often a lack of action that prompts good employees to look for a job where there is equal and fair treatment.

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#3 Passing over capable employees for external hires.

Overlooking capable, experienced and loyal employees for promotion in favour of external hires effectively closes the door to those within the business who are working toward leadership roles. Recent research shows that the Millennial generation are more likely to leave an organisation if they cannot see leadership development in their future.

Why not start by advertising vacancies internally? Giving everyone an opportunity to apply, even if they aren't successful at securing an interview, opens up the opportunity for progression to driven staff. It also gives a good opportunity to give feedback to employees on the areas they need to develop if they intend to climb the ladder.

#4 Not doing what they say they will.

Trust in management is key in successful organisations.By making promises that they don't keep they risk loosing credibility in all aspects of their employment. Even if the promise is to buy everyone coffee once a month, keep it unless you communicate a reason for change. What is the one key thing you can do as a leader to reduce the level of employees leaving due to their mangers? Develop your teams' management skills - just because an employee is great at their current role doesn't mean people management is one of their key skills.

People Management can often be seen as just another line on the job description for managers but it needs to be considered a key part when promoting or employing for those roles. It can be a hard blow to a team and your confidence as a manger if good employees leave, but by opening a dialogue and following the advice above hopefully you can sway them to stay.


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