Featured Post: Why I favour conferences for women

by | Mar 24, 2018

Why conferences for women are so important

Conferences for women are a stand out event in a world dominated by men. This guide will not only demonstrate why they are important, but also how to choose the right ones. 

Personally, I’m a huge advocate of conferences for women.

Firstly, the buzz and energy of women gathered together is extraordinary. Whether it is a small group of 10 women or big conference of 1000 women, there is a particular dynamic and synergy when women get together that raises the vibrational level. Maybe it is because there is a gender connection that cuts across all age, nationality and geography boundaries. I have found it so anyway.

Conferences for women

Secondly, to be in the presence of powerful, competent, articulate women is incredibly inspirational. It is easy as a woman to feel like a bit of an alien in a male dominated environment but suddenly you find yourself in the company of your own kind – you can be yourself and you have a ton of role models surrounding you (great women role models are sometimes in very short supply in corporations and in business). WIN gives every participant a Participants Booklet with the profiles of every participant. I wish Global Women Summit did that. I really have no idea who attended in Istanbul and no way of contacting people other than from the business cards I picked up.

Thirdly, it IS a fantastic networking opportunity. I love working with women and am always delighted to find a woman supplier for whatever my business need is.

And fourthly, if there is a group of you from the same organisation, or delegation from the same country, it is a great opportunity to get to know some women who you know you will easily be able to stay in touch with after the conference.

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But how to choose which women’s conference to go to? Here are some pointers:

What kind of conference do you want to go to?

The Global Women Summit is a presenter led conference. If you want to be able to do some work on yourself then maybe it isn’t the best one for you. Check out Womens International Networking . WIN has some plenary sessions with panel members and a series of workshop sessions where you WILL do some work and evaluate the presenter. Kristin Engvig (the Founder of WIN) ensures that the standards of the people delivering the workshops is extremely high.

Check out who the likely participants are?

Are they entrepreneurs? Mainly working in corporations? What levels? Who do you want to be meeting and networking with? Find out what you can about the usual participants.

Check our your reasons for going?

Are you a consultant looking for work? Maybe you are stepping up in your career and looking for job opportunities? Are you looking for self development or a mentor? Or do you want to use the conference as an opportunity to get more visibility in your own company? (Organising a meeting beforehand of all those from your company going to the conference; offering to write up a report for the company newsletter etc). Are you feeling isolated and want to meet some like-minded women for support? Whatever your reasons check that the conference will be able to deliver what you want.

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Geraldine Bown has worked as a consultant in the areas of Diversity and Inclusion and Women’s Leadership for 25 years.

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