How did you make your last job application?

by | May 14, 2018

What method did you use when you made your last job application?

With almost full employment in many geographies and increased pressure for gender balanced short lists, it is becoming clear that women apply for jobs differently to men. It's important to us to establish how you made your last job application. We are curious

You can tell that the idea of hiring women is gaining traction when male recruiters start to post on the topic. As specialists in this field 3Plus knows that there are clear differences to identify and attract female talent to an organisation. Part of that is rooted in the way men and women approach the job market and how women look for jobs.

It will be really helpful to making sure that female candidates are targeted correctly.

Research from  Catalyst suggests that women  make fewer external applications than men  and prefer to seek career advancement within their organisations first. It seems that men and women leave organisations for different reasons. Men are more likely to keep their finger on the overall market and are more willing to pursue promotions and compensation increases outside their own business and will leverage these connections in pursuit of these goals.

Because women focus on their own organisations and internal opportunities, does this impact the way the apply for jobs? We want to find out what you do differently .

How did you make your last job application?

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