Due diligence after a job offer

by | Feb 19, 2019

Why due diligence after a job offer is so important


Don't let the success of a job offer go to your head so that you overlook some basics


You open the envelope or email and you see what you've been waiting for probably for weeks. It's a formal offer for the job of your dreams. But it's important not to let success go to your head. You must perform due diligence after a job offer. To neglect it can be risky. It seems obvious, but many people get so excited that they overlook some basics.

Here are 5 pointers for due diligence after a job offer

1. Reflect on the process

It's always important to think about the process from start to finish. Did anything stand out that was not aligned with your values or vision? Asses your candidate experience. How did that sit with you? Did it all go swimmingly well or were there any red flags that left some nagging doubts deep down. Make a note of them. Any organisations hiring process should be a reflection of its culture and if you are uneasy about anything it's worth exploring. This is the time to tap into your network and start asking some discreet but penetrating questions for some behind the scenes insights.

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2.  Double check their employer branding

Of course you researched the company's website, social media output and Googled them. Now you know the players, is there anything that needs to be reviewed? Also swing by Glassdoor and look for patterns in the reviews left on the sites. It's true that many consider these sites to be platforms for disgruntled employees, but if there is a pattern to the complaints then it's worth considering.

3. Go back to the hiring manager

if you have any doubts raise them with the hiring manager or the HR contact. It is far better to be sure that you are making the right decision than realising that you may have made a bad career decision.  Tracey noted a clause "additional discretionary duties as required"  in the job offer and wondered what that could entail. The company was a start up and the founder said that it meant anything that needed to be carried out to get the job done. He was open and said if she had an issue with that it wouldn't work. On the contrary she found that exciting and part of the appeal. She started a month later and after three years is still there.

4. Check the offer

You should be careful that you check the offer vigilantly and any attached documentation or links to web sites that come with it. There could be small changes or clauses than make a big difference. This is especially important around timing and value of any additional benefits or bonus schemes. José found that her targets for her first year in her new job where not "soft and warm" as promised, but pretty hard. "It would have taken me a number of years to have made my promised bonus. I decided to move on."

However Mariella discovered a raft of employee benefits hidden deep in the web site which gave her eligibility to pursue a Masters while in employment . This little nugget of information sealed the deal for her.

Have the confidence to ask for what you need from a company. If this is something you struggle with, try our Returner Roll-Up Session on Building your Confidence.

For more complex or senior roles you might even want a lawyer to check it over for you. Better to pay now rather than later.

5. Never sign on the spot

Kristie was shocked when she went into pick up her offer for a new job and the HR Manager insisted that she sign the document in her office. "I didn't feel comfortable with that at all and wanted to discuss this with my partner. It sounded lame to say that so I waffled for a while. In the end I said if I had to sign it there and then I wouldn't sign at all. I realised that this wasn't going to be a good fit for me and turned it down"   

Even though you think you have sealed the deal, it always pays to do that little bit of extra due diligence after a job offer has landed in your mail box. Better to be safe than sorry.


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