25 Positive hopes for our workplaces

by | Apr 30, 2020

Hope for our future workplace

Can we look forward with positive hope for our workplaces and the way we live our lives?

COVID-19 is having a profound impact on the way we view the world and our work. At the moment, it may be tough to have a vision of any other life on the "other side" or maintain a degree of optimism. But many still have positive hopes for our future workplaces and the way we live our lives.

Work place will be under review

With 3 billion people in lock-down worldwide, many HR Directors are looking at their workforce planning. They are evaluating every element of our workplaces:

  • the role of the organisation,
  • how individuals fit into the employment structure,
  • how teams and colleagues work together
  • the role of business in our wider cultures
  • the way careers are structured

The current crisis will eventually pass and a new normal will emerge  - but what will it look like and how can we influence any development?.

positive hopes for our future workplaces

What are your positive hopes for our future workplaces?


1. Here are some we’ve collated from different contacts:Leadership styles will hopefully change. During the crisis we have watched leaders and observed who stepped up and was successful and who missed the mark. What was obvious that female leaders such as Jacinda Ardern, Angela Merkel, and Sophie Wilmès to name but three. Leaders who have adopted a collaborative and empathetic approach have been recognised as being most effective.

2.Those who can’t step up and embrace that philosophy will be left behind.

3.Language will change as a male coded approach calling on people to “fight” and “battle” is being challenged. Calls for collaboration and cooperation have been more successful.

4.We will judge brands and companies for the way they behaved during this crisis and the consideration they showed towards their employees.

5.Health and well-being will be workplace and national economic drivers rather than GDP and growth.

6.We will build corporate culture against pre-agreed values which will become intentional works in progress, rather than a default setting which everyone accidentally falls into.

7.Teams will become stronger –  colleagues have come to learn the value of their colleagues and understand the importance of collaboration and interconnectivity.

8.We will view flexible working as equally valuable to being physically present in the workplace. It will no longer be seen as the “mummy” or parenting track. It will especially not be viewed as a form of slacking off.

9.Employers will extend the support they provide in their focus on well-being. They understand now how health issues damage businesses.

10.Employee engagement and motivation will become key benchmarks of company success.

People skills

11. Mental health will shift to be another central focus, as many struggle post-crisis with the personal traumas of losing relatives, being made redundant or feeling isolated.

12.Companies will “pulse” their employees more frequently as they work out strategies going forward.

13.Jobs dismissed as being low skilled and non-essential will get the recognition they deserve.

14.We will re-valuate our approach to careers. In the immediate aftermath, people who have been impacted by the pandemic will reposition themselves and cluster careers will become increasingly common. Recruiters and hiring managers will need to be less rigid.

15.The people who said it was not possible to perform different jobs from home have been shown they can be. This will open up new possibilities.

16.We will see less business travel and therefore a positive impact on the environment. The rush-hour commue on public transport should become less crowded.  Maybe more people will travel by car.

17. Caring responsibilities whether paid or within the family will be recognised and valued.

18.Offices and workplaces will change. Hygiene and social distancing will increase in significance. Open plan offices may go out of vogue. People will sit further apart and large meetings and events will be a thing of the past. Online meetings and training will increase

19.Social interaction between colleagues will increase, but mask wearing will become normal. We will stop shaking hands as a greeting and replace it with other social gestures

20.Training in tech will improve. If anyone is not up to date they will fall by the wayside.

21.Unwanted systems and unnecessary protocols will stop as we increase our efforts to make our systems less bureaucratic and more efficient.

22.Businesses will mitigate risk by diversifying their supply chain and having multiple options rather than a just-in-time globalization.

23.We will become more mindful of the benefits we already have and show gratitude more often especially to our loved ones and nearest colleagues.

24.Innovation will flourish as the best minds seek solutions to a wide range of problems.

25.We will appreciate the time we have and understand that life as we know it can disappear in a matter of days.


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