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Internal profile – Your missing piece of the career puzzle

Working hard but feel like you are missing something? The lack of a strong internal profile could be holding you back. Found out what it is and how to strengthen it here.

The presence culture battle and women’s careers

Presence culture is an outdated business model and creates a "families are for wimps" mentality which serves no one well - especially companies.

Changes in recruitment means you should too

With so many changes in recruitment it can seem impossible to keep up. Don't let yourself be left behind. Here's how to adapt to the new ways to recruit, with advice from head hunter Dorothy Dalton.

4 Top Tips to recognise your employees

Have you said thank you to your employees today?

I talk a lot about how to recognise your employees and reward them as a way to increase productivity. Engaging and motivating teams drives performance. It’s a simple equation: happy employees = high productivity and discretionary effort = increased profits.
Most […]

How to manage your career in times of uncertainty

The fall out from Brexit has left an unstable world platform full of uncertainty. Companies are unsure of their future so make sure you look after yours. Dorothy Dalton tells you how with 8 tips.

Why Trump’s sexism demeans men

Trump's sexism has caused public outcry and seemingly lost him the women's vote. His sexism, however, affects and demeans men too. Here's why.

Bridget Jones out of step with Modern Women

Bridget Jones has tackled issues facing modern women - dieting, dating and career hurdles, but does the latest film miss the mark? Alice Bell discusses.

10 things to stop doing to get ahead

Ever feel like you're in your own way, making it hard for you to get ahead? Here's 10 behaviours you should avoid if you want to move forward and be happy.

7 reasons why mentoring programmes fail

Mentor support relationships are hard enough for women to get find, but what happens when mentoring programmes fail? Here's 7 reasons why they do.

Master your meeting – how to make an impact

Leading a meeting it hard enough - it has to be productive but not boring. Here's 6 tips on how to keep your team engaged and get the most out of your time.
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