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Assertive Communication – Building Healthy Relationships

Assertive communication is the ability to express both positive and negative ideas and feelings in an open, honest and direct way. Find out some simple tips to make your life easier.
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Women Who Inspire: Monique Valcour, Professor of Management at EDHEC

Read the latest in our Women Who Inspire: Monique Valcour Professor of Management at EDHEC Business School in Nice, France. Discover her challenges and achievements...

How Mompreneurs Can Budget Their Startups

There’s a new and powerful term in the business world today as more “mompreneurs” are entering into the workforce

Don’t forget these 10 questions when negotiating your salary

You got the call. They want to hire you. But stop.. don't forget to ask these 10 questions when negotiating your salary.Very often we get so caught up in our own success key questions related to the offer and our futures with a new organisation or role go out of the window.

Do You Need an In-House or an External Mentor?

When looking for a mentor what factors should you consider when deciding to select an internal or external mentor.

Women – Fashion – Power

Clothes and fashion, have the power to define a person or a position and can often been seen as handicapping women in positions of authority and a frivolous distraction from their skills and role. Read about the latest exhibition show casing fashion as a communication tool.

Women who Inspire – Annabel Kaye, Relationship Architect

Meet Annabel Kaye in our Women Who Inspire series. She is a Speaker, advisor, consultant, thinker, trainer, tribunal fighter, strategist, employment law, HR specialist, a tango dancer, a stand-up comedienne, a passionate blogger with a wide social media presence. I must have left something out!

How to create strong body language

We all like to feel powerful, we like to feel in control, at least of our own environment. It makes us feel safe and comfortable. Learn some great tips you can use to enhance your executive presence and generally be more authoritative.

How to make the most of mentoring

How to make the most of mentoring. Here are 10 tips to help you have a successful mentoring relationship

3 Easy Tips to Develop and Rally Your Relationships

While I believe being positive and possessing strong self-motivation are essential to ensuring your success, building reliable relationships is equally important. And knowing how to rally these relationships is absolutely critical.

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