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The Female Entrepreneur – Women who run their world

Being a female entrepreneur is easier and more profitable than ever. This infograph explains how changing trends make women's businesses top of the tables.

Using LinkedIn to find a New Role 

LinkedIn is the first step to networking effectively but are you selling yourself short? Here's some easy steps on how to get the most out of your profile.

7 Women’s rights you take for granted

Changes to women’s rights you probably don’t know about

As a British millennial woman, I can find myself repeatedly shocked when I read about women’s rights in the most basic sense are denied in other countries. The rights to vote, divorce and even drive are still withheld from women in […]

Work to Live or Live to Work?

Finding Balance – Do we work to live or live to work?

I am always intrigued by those who work colossal hours in any given week, week in, week out. I find it intriguing. It differs so much from my approach. Do they live to work or work to live?
Although I […]

How to use Facebook for job search

You can utilise Facebook for job search, not just cat pictures and funny videos. Here's a breakdown of how to use this super network the right way.

6 reasons you don’t get calls from recruiters

Feel like you've done all you can but you're still not getting calls from recruiters? You could be blocking your own success. Avoid these 6 things if you want the calls to come in.

Navigating Tradeoffs in a Dual-Career Marriage

Work-life balance is hard enough, but what about when you're a duel-career couple? What tradeoffs should you be willing to make? Here's some answers from Monique Valcour.

Can women really win the clothes war?

The discussion on what women should and shouldn't wear rages around the world. But can women really win the clothes war? Esther Myers takes an indepth look at the problem.

4 good reasons women shouldn’t talk about their kids in work

Why do women want to talk about their kids at work? Can they talk about their kids and still be professional? Here's 4 reasons to leave the child chat out.

How to Develop the Courage to Be Sensitive

We're told being tough gets you to the top, when really the ability to be sensitive will not only make you an approachable leader, but a stronger one too. Here's 7 tips on how to get the right balance.
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