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Burkini the latest dress code issue for women

Burkinis are the latest sensitive dress code issue for women. But women are just replacing one form of coercion for another.

LinkedIn – Should I connect with people I don’t know?

Networking or just another sales pitch? Learn how to filter the people that can help you from those who treat LinkedIn like a show room.

Disengagement begins with you

We all want a job and life that fills our passions but soon we forget our dreams and end up disengaged. But we forget that disengagement starts with ourselves.

How to Get Others to Notice You Changed

You put in the time and effort, but nobody has acknowledged how you've changed. Marcia Reynolds gives 5 way to make sure the new you gets noticed.

Advice from mothers for the world of work

Your mum may be retired or still conquering the business world, either way they can be a wealth of knowledge. Alice Bell shares some of their best advice.

5 important steps to manage an older team

Having to manage an older team it can seem daunting, making you question your experience and authority. Here are 5 ways to get the most out of your team.

Time is money, but how much is yours worth?

Time is money and when you don't use your time well, it becomes worthless. Wendy Kerr gives her tips to get the best value from yourself and your team.

How to find a mentor

When trying to find a mentor, it can all seem daunting. Follow these 4 tips on how to get the best one to further your career!

Never Decide to Move Abroad on Vacation.

A common thought after a great holiday is to move abroad, here are 5 reasons to stop and think a little harder before relocating internationally.

When your manager won’t talk to you

Manager won't talk to you? Not sure what they think of you? Wendy Smith looks at how to break down barriers and get them to open up.
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