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Could your Mom be your best mentor?

Could your Mom be your best mentor? Well that would depend!

Have Confidence in You to Create the Career You Want  

No matter what stage of your career you are in, it’s never too late to start developing the confidence you need to live the life and have the career you want, now!

Make virtual presentations your reality

Have you given some thought to becoming an entrepreneur and/or freelancing? Read how coaching virtual presentations became Kimberli Allen's new reality.

How to deal with toxic people

"Some people are like clouds, and when they disappear the day becomes brighter." We all have toxic people in our lives. How do you deal with them? Here are 5 strategies.

How women can avoid a pay cut when they start their own business

Don't take a pay cut when you start your own business. Learn 4 basic tips of how not to join 68% of women who do work for less money.

5 tips for Moving Abroad With Children

Moving abroad with children can be compared to a fairground ride. The question is ... will it be a fun ride that you enjoy or one that has you shrieking in frustration and fear?

How to stay on track with new habits!

Find out how to stay on track with new habits. Routine, repetition and reframe to anchor securely!

Business upfront, party at the back – untucked shirts

Business up front, party at the back. Carefully constructed chic with untucked shirts.

Taylor Swift greatest woman leader. Deserved or madness?

Why I have mellowed on Taylor Swift's ranking as the greatest woman world leader. The issue I have is the definition of greatest leader

5 Steps For #SWO – Single Woman Optimisation

The Serial Singleton is a brand new hashtag - #SWO Single Woman Optimisation! Find out what you need to do to enhance your #SWO

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