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Sexual provocation and the office dress code

Should women be held responsible for the attention spans of the male colleagues by their wardrobe choices? Does a dress code reduce the risk of sexual provocation?

Fundamental Skills For Business Success #Infographic

Do you have the fundamental skills for business success? Business success requires a toolbox of skills which you can pull out when needed. What are yours?

Why a Simple Plan Helps To Reach Your Goals

No matter what stage of life you are in, the time is now for you to create a simple plan to help reach your goals. Find out how from Mary Lynn Ziemer

Queen Bee or Rival. There is a BIG difference

If a woman is ambitious and has rivals, it doesn't automatically make her a Queen Bee. Nor can the workplace be blamed. Find out why.

The Woman’s Guide to Sharing Career Achievements

Is sharing career achievements - boasting or career boosting? And how does sharing career achievements make a difference for women? Great tips from at Sarah Arrow.

Workplace Violence – The Hidden Threat for Women

Women are vulnerable to workplace violence. It's not about gender. Is it because they dominate the caring professions?

What makes a good mentor?

What qualities should a good mentor possess. We asked our international mentoring team to provide response to this hot and frequently asked question

Women, Work and Emotional Labour

Emotional labour has been described as the work of caring. It is a double edged sword for women. In some situations an advantage in others not.

Avoid being a N.I.N.J.A. No Income, No Job or Assets

A N.I.N.J.A. is a person with No Income, No job or Assets. Many are women, who are now being encouraged to have a FOF (a F*ck Off Fund). Here's why and how.

Lena Dunham’s advice misses one big point

Lena Dunham's advice missed a major element when she encouraged women to say no to overload. Read what one writer believes that is.

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