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9 reasons you should stop eating at your desk

Many women with a need to leave the office on time to get home for childcare responsibilities has meant that we have all become glued to our desks during our lunch breaks. Read about the downsides of this bad habit and why we should break it.

Should women blame their period for under performance?

Should women blame their period for under performance? Is this getting us into dangerous territory in a professional setting?

Life advice – Talking to myself

What life advice would you give to your 18 year old self. Read Gwyn Teatro's words of wisdom

4 Solutions For Couples With Finance Issues

Couples fight about money twice as much as they fight about any other topic. Childless or otherwise, finance issues are one of the biggest causes of strife and dissolution in couples

4 Examples of Short-Term Career Goals

So you’ve already established your long-term career goals, which was the hard part. Now it’s time to break up those goals into smaller chunks, or rather steps!

How to choose the best handbag for your body type

Handbags are important and essential accessories. But how do you choose the best handbag for your body type? Look at these great tips to maximise the impact of this important accessory.

Why an office workout should be on your daily to do list – now!

We already know that you spend most of your time in the office. Also we think it is a safe bet to say that: “I need to exercise more!” probably made it somewhere near the top of your New Year resolution list. That's the main reason we decided to start this new article series. We will try and help you to stay fit and healthy even though you probably can't make it to the gym on daily basis.

3 Useful Tips For Setting Your Career Goals

If you would like to have your dream job then it's important to set career goals and create an achievable plan.

What does your desk say about you?

We probably spend about 1900 hours a year at our desks. But how do you feel about your desk or work space?
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Navigating Complexity – Hold onto Your Core!

At the start 2015 Jennifer Sertl examines the tools we will need when navigating complexity in these changing times using the discipline of journaling.

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