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5 tips expatriate women need to succeed

Expatriate women are pursuing international assignments in their own right. How do they succeed relocation and a smooth transition?

OPINION: Do you sign professional emails with kisses xx?

Do you understand what's going on when people are signing professional emails with kisses. One writer explains why she's mystified and asks if it's another trap.

How to manage passive aggressive behavior

Find out what steps can a manager can take to deal with passive aggressive behaviour from a report, to form a successful business relationship within their team

The Benefits Of Coaching #Infographic

Coaching for a career or business is often considered to be an unnecessary overhead or even a luxury, especially for women. Yet the benefits of coaching are undeniable.

Casual Conversation in the Workplace

What is your take on casual conversation in the workplace? Do you encourage it? Find out why Gwyn Teatro thinks it's imperative.

Wardrobe Decluttering

You’d really love a perfect, capsule wardrobe but don’t know how to achieve it. Find out how to achieve your Wardrobe Decluttering with our top tips!

Quote of the Week – Margaret Atwood on Powerful Women

Margaret Atwood says that we still think of a powerful man as a leader and a powerful woman as an anomaly. She's right.

Don’t blur the competition between women message

As more women enter the talent pipeline competition between women is not only healthy it is inevitable. We need to get used to that and over it.

Sexual provocation and the office dress code

Should women be held responsible for the attention spans of the male colleagues by their wardrobe choices? Does a dress code reduce the risk of sexual provocation?

Fundamental Skills For Business Success #Infographic

Do you have the fundamental skills for business success? Business success requires a toolbox of skills which you can pull out when needed. What are yours?
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