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Returning to work from maternity leave! Catching up with new Mums!

Returning to work after being on Maternity Leave leave women with mixed emotions, we ask can we have the best of both worlds? Nicky Jesse caught up with some new Mums.

Thanks for Spanx. They are life savers!

Love 'em or hate 'em, Spanx are a part of every modern woman's wardrobe!

Top 10 mobile apps for busy women on the go

Top 10 mobile apps for Busy Women, Working Mums and Families to help you manage your crazy life and family

Sprummer – office wear in April hot snaps

What to wear in those April sprummer snaps in the office when temperatures can swing by 20° in one day! Affordable office outfits!

6 immediate benefits of an external mentor

6 immediate benefits of an external mentor which will lead to increased performance and engagement

The Physiology of Anger and how to control it

Ideally we would all like to be able to deal with our anger and conflicts in a peaceful and constructive manner. But how do we control our emotions and reactions when someone presses our "hot buttons"

Make your guilty pleasure an investment

Make sure your guilty pleasure is an investment! Invest wisely in classic pieces rather than short life-cycle junk.

How to get rid of those self limiting beliefs! Push shuffle not repeat!

Many of us are stuck and don't believe we can change. But it is possible to get rid of those self limiting beliefs and push shuffle instead of repeat!

Top 10 inspirational quotes from strong women

Here are the 3Plus top 10 inspirational quotes from strong women! Which inspirational quote motivates you?

Why are young women going grey?

Why do I think there was trend of young women going grey by colouring their hair? It's all about fashion.

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