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Why women receive confidence as arrogance

Women can be just as guilty of confusing confidence and arrogance as men. They frequently make judgements rooted in unconscious bias rather than fact.

Flex for football – the latest joke

ACAS the UK workplace arbitration organisation is encouraging organisations to offer flexitime during Euro 2016. But flex for football is a huge joke.

Do all women need one best friend?

Women have always placed high value on their female friendships and support networks. But does having one best friend suit all women?

5 signs it’s time to leave your job

“Should I stay or should I go now"? Wendy Kerr recognises 5 signs that show it is time to leave your job! It's a problem that many struggle with.

Engagement: The One Thing That Can Change Everything

The one thing we most want from our work, our relationships, and from our lives is getting harder to get - Engagement! Marcia Reynolds tells us why.

Dealing with Trolls a necessary skill for women

Sadly, dealing with trolls is a necessary skill that any woman with an online presence ahs to acquire. Alice Bell looks at how women can protect them selves

Parental career advice is 20 years too late

Your parental career advice though well intentioned, is probably 20 years too late. It started way before you even knew you were giving it.

The angry white male – is not who you think

The angry white male has been a hot topic recently. With irrefutable business benefits there is still resistance to gender balance. Why is that?

How soft skills can be learned

Many people don't think that soft skills can be learned. But they most definitely can. As a vital part of a leadership profile it's important that we know how.

Women in Tech – why there aren’t many

On paper the information technology industry is an ideal place for women to work. Alice Bell asks "so why aren't there more women in tech?"
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