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The worrying normalisation of misogyny

The normalisation of misogyny is embedded in our social media diets that even an ad from Audi can cause a sexist backlash. It exposes something much deeper.

A brief history of the Housewife

Cook, cleaning and child minder - the life of the housewife seems to have never changed. Untrue, Take a look at how housewives have changed over the years.

Our Top 10 Banners from the Women’s Marches

After hundreds of thousands marching for equality this weekend, we've rounded up our top 10 signs from the Women's March weekend.

DC Women’s march goes global – now 57 countries

DC Women's women's march goes global. Never underestimate a pissed off woman. Bad move. Seriously.

Women on strike – a history of resistance

With the women of Iceland organising a major strike this week, Alice Bell looks at how women through history have brought about huge changes through strikes.

How Trump is Boosting Feminism

Donald Trump is boosting feminism in a most unexpected way

Who would have thought the rampant misogyny of a US Presidential candidate would have an unexpected side-effect. Single handedly, Donald Trump is boosting feminism across the globe. Never has mansplaining, broppriating, bullying, name calling and the insulting of women […]

7 Women’s rights you take for granted

Changes to women’s rights you probably don’t know about

As a British millennial woman, I can find myself repeatedly shocked when I read about women’s rights in the most basic sense are denied in other countries. The rights to vote, divorce and even drive are still withheld from women in […]

The Safety-Pin Movement

Following a spike in race and hate crimes in the aftermath of the EU referendum, one woman has started a small but powerful Safety Pin Movement in support.

Flex for football – the latest joke

ACAS the UK workplace arbitration organisation is encouraging organisations to offer flexitime during Euro 2016. But flex for football is a huge joke.
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