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I refuse to be afraid of walking alone

For many women, walking alone is scary and frowned upon. We fear being attacked and blamed. We're taught to be scared, but I refuse to be afraid.

Yes, Virginia, There is a Wage Gap and California Has Pledged to Close It

Californian legislation has acknowledged the wage gap and is introducing legislation to change it. What will this mean for employers and other states?

Our blame culture, leadership lessons and an envelope

We have become so caught up in our own expectations for perfectionism which stops us being in the moment and getting wrapped up in our blame culture.

Top mentoring advice from 3Plus Mentors

Mentoring advice can be a great career booster. We've collected the best tips from our 3Plus mentors about what they've learned from their own experience.

7 TedX talks women leaders should watch

TedX talks are an easy and inspiring way to hear from all types of people about how to improve ourselves and our businesses. Here's 7 3Plus favourites.

The unwritten rules of the employee handbook

Each company has its unwritten rules and those who know how to use them to their advantage. Don't be left in the dark, find out how to use them for you!

5 tips to make the most of holiday cards for networking

Making the most of holiday cards for networking can be a good way of cementing relationships with a gracious personal touch. Here are some dos and don'ts.

Wake up the right way to boost your day!

Can you believe that there is even a right way to wake up. Starting your day with these simple tips will give your energy that extra boost.

Blending in at networking – avoid it like the plague!

Ever heard someone interesting at an event, but you can't find them after to follow up? Blending in at networking could be killing your chances to grow.

6 seconds to make an impact. Maybe not.

You may have 6 seconds or a minute, either way, not long to make an impact with your CV. How do you get yours the time it deserves? Here's some tips on making sure you're not lost in the pile.
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