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About 3Plus International

3Plus was set up on social media in December 2010 by Dorothy Dalton and Dr. Anne Perschel as a hub for lone women to come together online to seek professional support to advance their careers. It takes more than 3 women at any level to change the dynamic was the mission statement!

As interest in 3Plus and its goals gathered momentum, 3Plus International Ltd was established in 2012, offering leadership and career coaching services to both organizations and individual women. 3Plus has gone from strength to strength, with signature services and products gaining credibility in the business world. They include a Mentor Register, online 3Plus Mini-Coaching Events™ and 3Plus Mini-Mentoring Events™. In September 2014 co-founder Anne Perschel decided to scale back her business activities and stepped down as a 3Plus Director. She continues to play a key role on the 3Plus coaching team offering leadership coaching and training services and support.

Dorothy Dalton

Dorothy is a global talent management strategist working on both sides of the executive search spectrum from “hire to retire.” She specializes in sourcing and developing, placing hard-to-find, world class candidates for executive search firms and international organisations. A Brussels based career coach, she uses her active and deep knowledge of the job search market to support individuals in designing their career strategies, including the creation of a Personal Brand. Digitally savvy, with an internationally-recognized blog on career transition and a strong niche-market social media presence, she successfully embraced new technology to combine the best of old-style methodologies with the new. As Co-Founder and CEO of 3Plus International she is pro-active in supporting, mentoring and sponsoring women to advance their careers, presence, and visibility in the workplace.

She contributes regularly to various media both on and offline, as well speaking at conferences; running workshops and designing and delivering career coaching programs to top-tier Business Schools International and Executive M.B.A An Economist, Dorothy qualified into the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (U.K.) and is also a certified coach and trainer. Her early career spanned corporate HR and European sales and marketing.

She has lived and worked in a number of countries as well as a variety of industry sectors, including the steel industry, television, and business services. She is an entrepreneur with experience in SMEs and start-ups, as well as large corporations. Dorothy has two adult children living in London and Dubai, is an avid reader, beginner golfer (for 10 years) and a huge tennis fan with a love of travel.


The biggest stumbling block for women? Self confidence – according to our research with hundreds of senior women. Work with us to change that. We’ve got the formula.

Dorothy Dalton

Women are great at advocating for other people but forget about themselves. 3Plus is the place to understand how and why you are a woman worth knowing.

Dorothy Dalton
“Professional and thorough

The executive search service provided by 3Plus International with a team led by Dorothy Dalton produced a range of top level and diverse candidates. We could not have been happier.


Board Member International Distribution  Company (U.S.)
“The 3Plus workshop really became a game changer for me

it inspired me to push myself to articulate more intuitively my achievements and to also clearly formulate my ambitions. They made me aware that I was unconsciously minimizing myself and that I built up my own “intrinsic ambition barriers”

Elisabeth Unterberg Head of Marketing Commercial Sales TOTAL Germany
“The 3Plus Mini-Mentoring event gave me access to high level female mentors

Even for such a short time it was helpful. Speaking to these women leaders gave me confidence when I could see that all challenges are surmountable with the right support”

Megan Jones - Strategic Communications Manager Axa France
“A Mini-Mentoring event

……but with MAXI –  impact”

Participant, Paris event
“Brussels event

A successful and creative format”

Jayne Hillner Marriott Hotels, Sponsor Brussels
“The candidates sourced by the 3Plus team

are always top quality even in the most demanding and challenging searches”

Head of Talent: B2B Packaging sector
“I really enjoyed attending your session

And the way you presented it… it went really fast… I would have spent the whole day listening to you…”

Patricia Bovis UAE
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