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About Alice Bell

"Alice writes online about business, popular science, and women's lifestyle. After a few years working her way around the world, she has settled in the north of England and taken a day job as a maths teacher. Her life's ambition is to earn enough money to start repaying her student debt."

Sexism and the ‘alt-right’ – what does it mean?

We've seen the steady rise in open fascism but how are sexism and the 'alt-right' intertwined and where could this lead? Alice Bell looks at the facts.

Women and the “Alt-Right” – are they recruiting us?

The 'alt-right' is a growing, online political movement. What do they stand for and why are they trying to recruit women? Alice Bell takes a look.

How to wear leather at work – Style guide

Teresa May recently caused a stir in leather trousers. Surprisingly leather at work is a hot trend right now, here's 6 tips to get it right.

4 ways to improve your relationship with your boss

Managing up has a bad rep but it's actually a great way to improve your relationship with your boss. Here's 4 tips to do it well.

A brief history of the Housewife

Cook, cleaning and child minder - the life of the housewife seems to have never changed. Untrue, Take a look at how housewives have changed over the years.

How the Mancession impacts women

The rise in male unemployment, nicknamed the 'mancession' has affected gender balance and also political balance. We look at men, Trump and the far-right.

Doctor’s dismissal of women’s pain “In pain shall you bring forth children”:

With women already avoiding smears sue to fear of pain, what happens when women's pain is ignored by medical professionals? We look at the research.

Suck it up, Buttercup: Side-effects and the male contraceptive injection

The internet has blown up over the halted trial of the male contraceptive injection due to side effects women put up with every day. Alice Bells looks at what happened.

Making friends as an adult – how technology can help

It can seem impossible to make friends as an adult but good friends can be the key to success. Here's a look at new apps designed to help you find them.

Sleep for productivity – how to nap at work

We know that sleep improves productivity but should companies let you nap at work? Here's 6 tips on how to grab 40 winks in the office to get you through the afternoon slump.
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