Dr. Anne Perschel

About Dr. Anne Perschel

For over 20 years Dr. Anne Perschel has been an “Unstoppable force for the advancement of women leaders,” beginning with her role as chair of the Women In Manufacturing Conference at a Fortune 50 company. She is currently a coach and trusted advisor to senior and high potential men and women in a variety of industries. Dr. Perschel also works with companies to address systemic and cultural obstacles standing in the way of the promotion and success of women managers and executives.

Two-Part Practice to Build Self-Confidence

Find out what you can do to build your self- confidence. All it takes is practise!

How Do You Measure Self Worth?

Does what we do, our professional status, the level we achieve in the company, the amount of money we make, equate to our self worth?

Your Personal Self Confidence Formula

Great ideas for a 5 step courage and confidence building programme. Find your personal Self Confidence Formula here!
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Do You Need an In-House or an External Mentor?

When looking for a mentor what factors should you consider when deciding to select an internal or external mentor.

Women Who Inspire – Elizabeth Williams-Riley

Elizabeth Williams-Riley is the first Black woman to take the helm of the American Conference on Diversity, in its 66-year history. The New Jersey based non-profit provides diversity trainings for businesses; experiential workshops and youth leadership programs for high school and college students; and professional development workshops for educators.

To Grow as a Leader, Know Your Leadership Qualities

If you want to grow as a leader, start by assessing your leadership qualities. Identify your strengths. Learn how you use and overuse them. Know which leadership qualities are in shorter supply and develop strategies for addressing them.

BringBackOurGirls – Outraged

I am outraged. BringBackOurGirls. I have a vision that all of us, EVERY PERSON IN THE WHOLE WORLD, is wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the words # BringBackOurGirls, until each and everyone one of the Nigerian school girls is safely returned home. #BringBackOurGirls

How to Close the Confidence Gap for Women

Competence and confidence are equal contributors to career success, but when it comes to confidence, there is a confidence gap for women.

Women Leaders Can and Should Do Better

Women leaders should, and can, raise the bar for all leaders. Women leaders should, and can, play a role in redefining what is of value and how it's measured, whether in the world of business, government, or the non-profit sector.
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C-Suite for Professional Women and 20 Feet Away

Twenty Feet from Stardom, a movie about women backup singers, gets my 3 thumbs up! The music alone is worth your time. The film also sheds a different and very important light, on women in back up roles, whether they're 20 feet from center stage or 20 feet from the C-Suite. It got me thinking about advocating the C-Suite for professional women versus shining a light on the women who are often 20 feet away, barely visible, while making it all happen.
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