Dr. Anne Perschel

About Dr. Anne Perschel

For over 20 years Dr. Anne Perschel has been an “Unstoppable force for the advancement of women leaders,” beginning with her role as chair of the Women In Manufacturing Conference at a Fortune 50 company. She is currently a coach and trusted advisor to senior and high potential men and women in a variety of industries. Dr. Perschel also works with companies to address systemic and cultural obstacles standing in the way of the promotion and success of women managers and executives.

6 Culture Tips for Advancing Professional Women

Eureka! Finally, a short suite of solutions with a track record for advancing professional women. The difference maker? Culture change, in addition to helping women develop the right professional muscles to succeed.

Judy Martin – In The Moment

Judy Martin taught us how to breathe the breath of life and how to live in the moment. Judy, a friend and a colleague, breathed her last earthly breath January 31, 2014, but she remains in the moment with those she touched around the world.
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Olympic Ski Jump – A Win for Professional Women

Women are competing in the Olympic ski jump event for the first time ever. That's worth celebrating. The fact, and the reasons, such an event hasn't happened until now, is worthy of screaming and pulling my hair out. Sadly, this isn't the first time, and probably won't be the last time, professional women are denied their place.
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Women Working Together: The Unspoken Rules

Do you know the secret rules at play for women working together. Do you even know these rules exist? You couldn't possibly know because Rule 9 states, "Don't discuss the rules."

Having it All: Managing Career and Relationships

Are you struggling to juggle having it all? Professional women who manage career and family feel exhausted and guilty too much of the time. So we decided to have a conversation with experts who could help women juggle with less struggle. Here's what we learned and are paying forward to you.

Cars Designed for Women P.S. Pink is Not a Color

It's time for a little fun with this review of cars designed for women, mostly by men, of course. We begin with Dodge La Femme, 1954 and proceed to Honda's She Fit, a throw back to that same era. Also included, at not extra charge, a scientific explanation of why the color pink does not exist. N-Joy!
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How to Be the Hero of Your Career Success Story

A woman can be the hero of her own career success by losing the idea that princes and wizards will deliver her dreams. Follow Dorothy of Oz or Alice in Wonderland, instead.
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3 Uncommon Practices to Crack the Glass Ceiling

Best practices are simply the best of what we've done to date based on the way we think now. These practices haven't and won't crack the glass ceiling. For that, we need uncommon practices and new ways of thinking. We need culture change. If you're a change maker, you'll want to click your way through to the full article and 3 uncommon practices to crack the glass ceiling.
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Long Live Our Gender Differences: Dining Out

Last week a colleague, let’s call her Jane, had dinner with her friend Billie, a corporate art consultant. Thus began a small case study of gender differences.
Gender Differences: The Main Course
Billie and Jane had lots of catching up to do. Dinner was the setting but delicious conversation was the […]

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Are Women Entrepreneurs Game Changers?

Women entrepreneurs are developing an alternate economic system.” A powerful male executive, made this statement over six years ago. His words bolstered my enthusiasm and my hopes regarding the difference women business owners were making and would continue to make on the business of business. But that has changed.
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