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About Dr. Anne Perschel

For over 20 years Dr. Anne Perschel has been an “Unstoppable force for the advancement of women leaders,” beginning with her role as chair of the Women In Manufacturing Conference at a Fortune 50 company. She is currently a coach and trusted advisor to senior and high potential men and women in a variety of industries. Dr. Perschel also works with companies to address systemic and cultural obstacles standing in the way of the promotion and success of women managers and executives.

Power and Privilege at Harvard Business School

Why are women at Harvard Business School busy looking for Prince Charming instead of studying for exams? Why are the best job opportunities known only to men?  Are power and privilege the answer to the chicken and egg quandary? 3Plus co-founder, Dr. Anne Perschel explores these issues.

Mentoring – Does Diversity Matching Matter?

"It will be an honor for me to work with her. Having a mentor who understands the culture where I come from is a plus." This was Lora's reply when she heard that 3Plus could match her with an Hispanic mentor. How important is matching for diversity in mentoring relationships? 

Fun: She’s Right Outside Your Comfort Zone

Do you have a comfort zone problem? Have you tried approaching the zone with fun in hand? SHE did, with a little helps from her coach, and here's what happened.

4 Lessons from Women in the Business of Sports

Women in the business of sports came to their professions by playing on fields with boys. As a result, they see the world differently. When other women joined the field, these first women learned to

7 Steps for Paving Your Path to the C-Suite

Your arrival at the C-suite, or anywhere nearby, will not happen by accident, coincidence or luck. Nor will it result from being smart, accomplished and talented...alone. Dr. Anne Perschel, 3Plus co-founder and leadership coach recommends 7 steps to get you to the executive neighborhood. First create a plan. Next, build self-confidence. Third, get your ticket punched.

Earn More Money – Get a Coach (not the handbag)

K needed to get a coach, but she waited too long. Here's what happened when she negotiated a fee agreement without coaching; how the agreement changed and put more money in her pocket after one coaching session; and how K could have made even more money if she had worked with a coach before negotiations started.

Best Career Advice: Mini-Mentoring

In March, 2013, seventy-five women attended Silicon Valley's Mini-Mentoring event sponsored by Altera Corporation. Participants were asked to write down and pay forward the best advice they heard from the evening's mentors. Here's the mentoring they wanted to share with you, our readers.

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone: One Step at a Time

"Stop waiting to feel comfortable and go for 'okay.' Where okay means you won't die or get seriously injured. It exists just a few steps outside your comfort zone. The nature of "uncomfortable" is such that you won't feel comfortable there, especially on your first trip." Waiting for the discomfort to magically morph into your comfort zone won't happen even after eternity arrives." Anne Perschel tells us why!

Women Networking: 3 Truths and 3.5 Solutions

Career advancement opportunities for women are and will continue to strike. To ensure they strike in your direction, learn to take the networking bull by the horns and ride that baby over the glass ceiling. Dr. Anne Perschel, 3Plus co-founder and vp mentoring, reveals three networking truths and 3+ solutions for women.

Women Money and Power: Sexy Ensemble or Strange Bedfellows?

Are you in charge of your financial health? Do you collaborate in decisions about family finances? Do you want to influence what's happening at work, in your community, in the world? Dr. Anne Perschel, co-founder of 3Plus International, examines women's relationship with power and money. Self-assessment included.
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