About Dorothy Dalton

Dorothy is an International Talent Management Strategist, social entrepreneur and Co-Founder of 3Plus. She works on both sides of the executive search spectrum from” hire to retire”, specialising in sourcing hard to find candidates for executive search firms and international organisations, career transition coaching and training .

Planning your pregnancy for career success

So you're expecting and now planning your pregnancy but have you covered everything? Here's 8 things you should consider before you start maternity leave.

Gender balance is a relationship issue first

We talk about gender balance at work but frequently gender balance is a relationship issue first ? What stereotypes do we need to challenge to achieve this?

Break the ice – the right way

Worrying about how to break the ice is top of mind in the run up to any event. Learn some quick tips that make the whole process less intimidating.

International Men’s Day – they can have the week

On International Men's Day, some women would say that men have the other 364 days of the year. Find out why Dorothy Dalton thinks it's good for gender balance and would give them a week.

The education pipeline and women in tech

With a dwindling number of women in tech we need to examine what stigmas still exist and how to tackle them as early as possible. Dorothy Dalton explores how gender stereotypes impacts the education pipeline.

How to show poise under pressure

How to stay poised under pressure - a vital leadership quality and key to executive presence.

The rise of the Eat, Pray, Love-r – a journey of self discovery

Women are now more willing to move out of their comfort zones to learn new things about themselves and go on a journey of self-discovery.

#Brussels2016 Mini-Mentoring Event – another hit

The 3Plus Mini-Mentoring Event was designed to meet needs of even the mst relucant networker. Read the top career advice tips from our Brussels Mentors.

The Daddy Bonus

Women continue to provide the higher level of child care in the home and men are still perceived as providers perpetuating the idea of a daddy bonus.

The presence culture battle and women’s careers

Presence culture is an outdated business model and creates a "families are for wimps" mentality which serves no one well - especially companies.
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