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Gilly Weinstein

About Gilly Weinstein

Gilly is an executive coach supporting international executives and multicultural teams on both sides of the Atlantic. Known for her fierce yet heart-filled coaching style, Gilly helps individuals tap into their strengths, become more emotionally intelligent leaders, and make decisions that empower them—and ultimately their organisations. A recognised super-connector and entrepreneur, Gilly founded and ran a Brussels-based communications consultancy, before certifying as a coach. Today her international coaching practice caters to a range of clients in both private and public sectors such as: Air France-KLM, Amnesty International, APCO,, Bain & Company, Baxter Healthcare, Caritas, Disney Corporation, ELLE, The European Commission, Council, and Parliament, Fis-Global, HEC Paris, ICF International (Mostra), INSEAD, Novartis, New York Public Radio, Pictet, SalesForce.Com, Swift, Tetra-Pak, and Unilever. Gilly facilitates board and leadership team meetings and retreats, designs and runs leadership development workshops in several countries and mentors less seasoned coaches in both French and English. A regular contributor to the Forum ELLE-Active in Paris and other private, industry events, Gilly is a committed member of the International Coaching Federation.

WHY did I say yes to that?

How often do you find yourself nodding cheerfully and agreeing to do something which, only minutes later, will have you gently banging your skull against your desk, muttering…why? WHY did I say yes to that!

Master your meeting – how to make an impact

Leading a meeting it hard enough - it has to be productive but not boring. Here's 6 tips on how to keep your team engaged and get the most out of your time.

The Gift of Uncertainty

In a state of uncertainty, or not knowing, we can enjoy “hits” of deeper wisdom and insights unsuspected. Gilly Weinstein explains how.

The Benefits of a Heart Based Career Decision

Craving more aliveness in your Career? Wondering what will propel you to the next level? Is it time to make a heart based career decision?

Time for Self Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning our cherished junk this time of year may be our focus. Gilly Weinstein asks is it time to spring clean one's self?

Practice extreme self-care to increase confidence

Gilly Weinstein encourages you to practice extreme self-care because to boost your self-confidence. Find out the 4 vital questions you need to ask.

3 tricks to downsize self-doubt

Learn some simple tricks to downsize self-doubt which will have an immediate impact on upsizing self-confidence.

How companies benefit from employee self-confidence

If you are a manager or team leader, building employee self- confidence is critical, not just for the well-being of the individual, but for the success of the organization.
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