Jamie Lee

About Jamie Lee

I’m a Consultant at She Negotiates, a Toastmasters award-winning public speaker, and a pragmatic negotiation geek dedicated to helping you get bolder, braver and better paid. Through consulting, training and speaking, I help people catapult their careers to the next level with a gutsy ask. Born in South Korea and raised in the US, I’m a 1.5-generation immigrant American who got an early start on negotiation training with my personal Monday morning quarterback: My fierce, single working mother who ran a small business to support three daughters in a new country. She showed me that when women win, children, families and communities benefit. She also taught me to find strength in my voice, to be ambitious and to assert myself – even when I was the only different person in the room. Inspired by her moxie, I’m committed to bringing my whole self to the table – with both head and heart in the game. My process for helping client get what they want is as unique as my journey – from coming to America as a kid to working at multinational organizations as a college grad, then later working in finance and venture-backed startups. As a professional, I’ve negotiated on behalf of multi-million dollar enterprises and secured cost savings that directly impacted the bottom line. As a speaker, I’ve led workshops on how to evaluate equity compensation for employees. As a negotiation consultant, I’ve helped working women secure $20,000 in raises and more. I’ve also led negotiation workshops and events with Athena Center for Leadership, SIPA at Columbia University, Baystate Health Women's Empowerment Summit, Essence Digital, Bullish Conference and more
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