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Monique Valcour, PhD is an executive coach, keynote speaker, and researcher. Monique provides coaching and customized professional development for people who are transitioning into bigger leadership roles, navigating career changes, or who want to increase their capacity to learn, engage and perform at work while thriving in all domains of life. Her clients build highly effective leadership, learning, and career self-management repertoires. She helps individuals and organizations develop sustainable, high-performance careers that align with organizational and personal mission. Monique provides thought leadership and advises on leadership development, career and talent management, work-life integration, mindfulness, and well-being. Monique’s coaching expertise is built on 12+ years of work as a management professor, combined with rigorous coach training, certification, and high-level coaching experience in multiple countries and industries. Monique holds PhD and MSc degrees from Cornell University (in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Studies), an MEd from Harvard University (in Administration, Planning, and Social Policy), and a BA from Brown University. She has served as a professor of management on the faculties of EDHEC Business School (France) and Boston College (US). She coaches and teaches leadership development and career self-management for the United Nations, London Business School and several other top business schools. She is a frequent external speaker and workshop leader renowned for her evidence-based, engaging, and energizing style.

How To Give Feedback That Helps People Grow

Giving feedback is a difficult balance even for an experienced manager. Learn how to inspire change rather than hostility and help your employees improve.

Steps to Take When You’re Starting to Burn Out

When you burn out at work, you feel diminished, like a part of yourself has gone into hiding. Follow these steps when you start to feel burned out at work.

Mindset – The Energy You Bring to Work Ripples Out Beyond the Workplace

We know the importance of a positive mindset for our own benefit, but your mindset affects not only those around you but those around them. A managers mindset can make or break how staff interact with them. Monique Valcour looks at how this works.

Navigating Tradeoffs in a Dual-Career Marriage

Work-life balance is hard enough, but what about when you're a duel-career couple? What tradeoffs should you be willing to make? Here's some answers from Monique Valcour.

A Simple Yet Powerful Way to Handle a Stress Episode

Monique Valcour shows us how to regain your strength and sense of control, and to proceed in a calm, rational manner during a stress episode

Leaving a Stable Job to Create Your Dream Career

Can you create your dream career? After years of research and coaching people on career transitions Monique Valcour shares her recommendations.
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