Nicola Jesse

About Nicola Jesse

Nicola Jesse is Administration Manager for 3Plus International. She also works Independently as a Virtual Assistant and Executive Administrator which includes managing Social Media Profiles, Financials, Event Management, and Company Administration. Nicola is also a committed volunteer of the charity Operation Christmas Child and manages a team and warehouse during the campaign season.

Lead don’t lean – 3Plus Launches Leadership Programme

Lead Don’t Lean – Boost your Impact in 2017 with the 3Plus Leadership Program. Now is the time to take charge of your own career and gain new skills, learn new tricks get out of your comfort zone and to make a greater impact.

12 Top Motivational Quotes Shared in 2016

3Plus International would like to share with you our top 12 motivational quotes that have been popular with our readers in 2016.

8 things men should never say to female co-workers. Ever

There are some things men should never say to their female co-workers. Take our advice and remember these eight at least!

5 things go getting women do daily

3Plus share 5 things go getting women do daily. They are so basic I wonder how we sometimes forget. Do you do all 5?

Returning to work from maternity leave! Catching up with new Mums!

Returning to work after being on Maternity Leave leave women with mixed emotions, we ask can we have the best of both worlds? Nicky Jesse caught up with some new Mums.

Must know tips for the solo woman traveller

Tips for the solo woman traveller - how to prepare well to create conditions that give you a safe and hassle free trip!

Top 5 videos that highlight and tackle unconscious bias

3Plus Top videos to highlight and manage unconscious bias and gender stereotyping

Volunteering: how women can pay it forward

Nicola Jesse describes the impact her involvement in a children's charity had on her when she visited a children's orphanage in Belarus.
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